Four weeks on the Paleo Diet: pros, cons, weight loss results

Thinking about trying the Paleo Diet? What’s all the hype about? First, let me begin by saying I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic a little over five years ago. After the initial diagnosis, I was determined to take charge of my health and try to be as healthy as possible. So, I engaged my co-workers in a friendly weight loss challenge for the summer and away we went. During that summer, I tried a diet that I ran across while reading a popular fitness magazine for men. As a result of the friendly competition, I was very dedicated to working out daily, eating right, and staying away from things I shouldn’t eat. In the end, I won the competition with a total weight loss of over 30 pounds. During my follow-up visit the staff at the doctor’s office were amazed to see how much weight I lost and gave me a glowing review. The review was so good that no further action was required on my part and I was simply told to keep doing what I was currently doing and I would be fine.

Fast forward a few years and somewhere down the line I ended up falling back into old habits of eating fast food, consuming lots of bread and rice, and indulging in the occasional sweets including cakes and pies. Also, during this stretch my doctor visits became too few and far between. Personally, I think this was by design on my part due to my lack of doing the things I should have been doing to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, when I did visit the doctor’s office my results continually declined in addition to my overall health. Needless to say, I was continuing to slide into a downward spiral and my body was suffering due to my lack of vigor in sticking to all of the things that warranted such a glowing review during my follow-up visit.

One day while perusing through my Facebook timeline, I ran across a friend’s posting which mentioned the Paleo diet. According to the post, the diet was working out great for them. After reading the post, I inquired about their experiences with the diet and did a little research for myself and I decided to give it a try for 30 days. The diet is built on the premises of the Paleolithic times when humans were generally more lean and muscular. The diet seeks to eliminate or drastically reduce all of the chemicals that are placed in food during processing. According to a blog I read about the diet, these chemicals induce our bodies to store fat which causes us to be heavier and further contributes to the problems most Americans experience with obesity and other health problems.

Let me just state this diet is definitely not for the faint of heart, since the Paleo diet essentially eliminates most of the foods Americans love to consume on a daily basis. In fact, it’s typically a lot easier to state what one can eat as oppose to what one cannot eat while on the Paleo diet. There are 3 basic categories of food that can be consumed on the Paleo diet: 1) Lean meats, 2) Fruits, and 3) Vegetables. That’s it!!! It’s easy to keep track of but very difficult to stick to especially for a good ole country boy like myself that loves to eat bread and rice. However, I have stuck with it for the better part of four weeks now and I must say it does work. In my case, it worked a little too well because I found myself waking up and not feeling well recently after taking a nap which followed a great workout at the gym. I wanted to figure out why I wasn’t feeling well so I checked my blood sugar and discovered it was lower than what it should have been based on being a type II diabetic. Next, I phoned the doctor’s office and I was instructed to reduce the dosage of medicine which is a good thing to me because my philosophy on taking medicine is less is better.

In conclusion, the Paleo diet may not work for everyone; however, in my opinion it is very effective. Most people are very skeptical when it comes to diets but a lot of that sentiment stems from people not sticking to it totally or the diet being too restrictive. Let’s face it, we’re not robots and have a tendency to occasionally slip when trying a diet so as the old adage goes moderation is the key. Finally, whether you subscribe to the notion of diets not working or not it would be prudent to pursue a lifestyle change which may ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life.

Quick Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss

If it worked for you fabulous but I personally need to chop the carbs down to lless than 50 per day or I gain, hard to do on a vegetarian or vegan diet. I also feel much beeter eating a meat based diet. Not all ways of eating work for everyone. I'd like to suggest Skinny Fiber pill for weight loss fast. Thanks! @Nadia