Album Reaction: Elvis Costello “In Motion Pictures”

by Dan Klass

Not sure exaclty who is expected to buy the new Elvis Costello “album” (playlist?) “In Motion Pictures.” For someone to be a big enough fan to purchase this collection of songs from movies, “hand picked by Elvis himself,” they would also have to be the kind of fan who made a playlist or mix tape of these songs YEARS AGO…and that list would have also included “Never Fall in Love Again,” “I Throw My Toys Around” (with Gwen Stephani) and “Party Party.”

Luckily, we live in the age of single mp3 downloads, so if some completist just MUST own a copy of “Sparkling Day” or “Life Shrinks” it’s now available. Again.

As for the rest of the tracks, it’s hard to believe anyone would expect Costello fanatics to shell out dough in this economy for most of these songs, since anyone who would buy them has already bought them on vinyl, cassette, original CD, Ryko reissue, Rhino reissue…

The good news: we had no idea “Accidents Will Happen” was in E.T..

We love you, Elvis. Just stop trying to sell us the stuff we already own. Make up with Bruce Thomas again and get the guys together for another Attractions album. THAT would be worth ten bucks!

Dan Klass
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Dan Klass
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