RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 recap: Jinx Monsoon vs Coco in Crying Game

This week six remaining Queens compete for the opportunity become the next drag queen superstar. As the queens enter the workspace this week the tensions are rising already. Jinx Monsoon airs complaints about being called the clown queen. Apparently pageant queens think lesser of those who don’t work the runway for a crown. Coco Montrese proceeds to dismiss her complaint as she dismisses most things. With Ivy Winters being eliminated, Jinx Monsoon is feeling awfully sad. She had just recently revealed that she was kind of sweet on Ivy Winters. I predict things are not going to get better for Jinx. Meanwhile a discussion is going on between Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese. It’s more like an argument but I’m trying to be polite. Coco has called a Alyssa out on the fact that she has decided that it’s okay if she bombs at the challenges as long as she can lip sync for her life and remain in the competition.

This episode’s mini challenge is called The Crying Game. The Queens sat around in a circle and tried to put on their best dramatic cry. They put on their cheapest mascara and got to work, crying. Even though they were attempting to cry they were just clowns. Then there was a twist. Detox revealed that she was having a hard time with the challenge. She actually broke down and cried and revealed about the loss of her boyfriend that all of the fake crying only reminded her of her true sadness. The winners of the challenge happened to be a Alyssa Edwards and Detox.
This week is a Team Challenge, soap operas telenovela style. This is not bearing out well for a Alyssa Edwards, or for Alaska for that matter. With the choosing of the teams we find the reunification of Ro-Laska-Tox. (Roxie, Alaska and Detox)

Alyssa’s team is now formed by the 2 people she was arguing with in the workroom earlier. Coco Montrese and Jinx Monsoon. Did I also mention she failed the last two acting challenges and had to lip sync for her life?

The teams choose their scripts and are in the workroom practicing their lines. Team Ro-Laska-Tox seem to be having fun with their script although Alaska is concerned about the reunification of their clique. On the other side of the work room are 3 disengaged individuals. Alicia Edwards believes that Coco Montreese is trying to throw her off her game this week. What game? She has admitted herself, she can’t act. To keep the drama going, Alyssa has cast Coco to be the ugly maid in this acting challenge. Could it get any more tense?

As the ladies head over to the set they are met by Maria Conchita Alonso who will be judging their performances. The role of the handsome leading man will be played by Wilmer Valderrama (That 70s Show).

Up first is team Ro-Laska-Tox. They were a little slow at the start but they had a strong finish. The judges reacted pleased with their performance. In my opinion, out of the three queens on this team, Alaska gave the best performance. Roxy was slow on her delivery. Detox just looked like a fool. Don’t get me wrong I like Detox, but that was a poor performance. She looks lost and she made some awkward pauses that rippled through the performance.

Team Alyssa comes onto stage ready to perform. Even though they were reluctant to be teammates they seem to be willing to work together. That’s something positive to hold onto I guess. Alyssa bless her heart. she really did try but, needless to say, her orgasm feel short. her acting was more aligned with dysmenorrhea. It didn’t help that she borrowed some ill fitting clothes from another queen. Coco couldn’t remember her lines. Let’s just say she was really distracted. Jinx monsoon was the strongest link in this chain. She was funny. She was entertaining. I like her style. Give it up for the clown Queen.

Back in the workroom the queens ready themselves for the elimination runway. tensions are still flaring amongst the Queens. At this point no one knows what their performance will look like in the end. It’s all up to the final edit now.

“Get ready for the Kraken” – very funny ladies.

Like every other episode tea was spilled and shade was thrown. Roxy requested a hair change for Alyssa. Alyssa questioned Roxie about her large collection of spandex. This lead jinx monsoon to ask Alyssa if she had enough wardrobe to finish the competition. Coco had to add her $0.02 stating that Alyssa will just continue to shop in other people’s wardrobes for things to wear. The shade of it all. Girlfriend was not amused. On a more interesting note, jinx monsoon decided to take a different route to her Spanish lady for the runway a Dia de los Muertos look. Again she was dismissed by the rest of the Queens. They really should not underestimate her. Earlier detox had revealed real tears, Roxy takes a moment to help her friend by lending an ear, a shoulder, and a hug. Detox really appreciated it. Ahhh the tender moments.

Let’s recap with the ladies wore on the runway this week. Detox appears on the runway looking like Pepto Bismol and a sombrero. Roxxy Andrews served up Latin realness in a black and red number that showed her stunning curves with a split highlighting her legs. Get it girl. Being the only latina left in the competition, she had to bring it. Alaska appears on the runway is something that looks like a costume from the tropical lounge on a Carnival cruise. I still love her though. Black and red is what’s coming out of the closet tonight on the runway. Alyssia Edwards works the runway in a black and red ensemble you would see on the cover of a romance novel. A cheap romance novel. Coco Montrese’s runway look was refreshing a burst of orange highlighting her beautiful brown skin. The flowers were little hokey. Overall I appreciated the divergence. Work miss Montrese. Finally jinx monsoon has her to turn on the runway. She looks like a living doll. Well not really living, that is. Her day of the dead outfit is true to the holiday spooky and fun. Her makeup is accurate for the look she was trying to achieve. I wish she didn’t choose black and red it was so everybody else.

After review of both teams final edit of their telenovelas. The Queens were critiqued on an individual basis. The judges were all around impressed with Roxie’s performance tonight.. Alaska also receive positive reviews from the judges. Alyssa Edwards on the other hand was ripped to shreds just like the dress she was wearing. She was quite defensive. She didn’t take her criticism well. This move on her part will probably put her in the bottom 2 lip sync-ing for her life for hopefully the last time. Jinx monsoon was received well in her outfit. the judges love her this week. The judges like Coco monsoons outfit but wanted more out of her performance in the telenovela.

So we find ourselves at the point of elimination. In the safe camp are Roxie Andrews, Alaska and Detox. Jinx monsoon pulled out a win for this week. She is the only contestant to have two wins in the season. That leaves the Battle Royale to arch enemies Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese. Like everything these two do together it was intense. Alicia did her best to hang on. But Coco Montrese proved to be the better man so to speak. It’s getting down to the wire. I can’t wait for next week.

Val Bodner

Val Bodner

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