Agents of SHIELD season 2: Tripp death still unexplained in Part II

Agents of SHIELD has resumed for Part II of season two after a lengthy winter hiatus. Yes, Agent “Tripp” Tripplete is dead after all. No, it still doesn’t make any sense. And fans won’t be happy with the outcome. Tripp was killed off at the same time Skye transformed into some mysterious just before the midseason break, leaving fans to wonder if he was really dead and if there was a reason plot-wise for his demise. The answers came this week in the episode titled Aftershocks, but none of those answers added up to much.

Best as can be deciphered, the Agents of SHIELD writers concluded that a beloved character had to die in order to convey the danger that the rest of the protagonists were in whiLe invading the underground city – and Tripp was the odd man out. But the result was that fans were left to wonder whether he was really dead, or to conclude that he was and found themselves sad and angry at the writers, overshadowing whatever message the show was trying to convey about Skye’s transformation. With the show now resumed, aside from a few lines about his absence, his death has had little to no effect on the tenor or direction of the show. The characters were already desperate, confused, and potentially divided; Tripplette’s death wasn’t needed to convey any of the above. So why was he really killed off?

There are typically three reasons why a beloved character is killed off on a TV show that doesn’t typically part ways with protagonists. The first is that the actor wanted out. But BJ Britt has done exit interviews in which had made clear that he was shocked at Tripp’s death. The second reason is that the actor has become difficult to work with or too expensive, and the writers want an excuse to part ways. But there has been nothing to suggest any of this here. The third is that the writers simply outsmarted themselves and ended up costing themselves a key character for the remainder of the series becuase they got caught up in the belief that they couldn’t sell a particular scene without someone dying. Unfortunately for fans of Agents of SHIELD, Tripp’s death appears to be the latter. But the good news is that in the Marvel universe, no one is dead forever. After all, we all watched Phil Coulson die before this TV show even started.

iWatch release date, iPhone 6S, iPod touch 6th generation: key facts

The iPhone 6S, the iWatch, and the iPod touch 6th generation are all on deck for Apple heading into its March press event. At least one will see its release date, and perhaps all three. But at least one of them is likely to debut under a different name than the one that the public has been most commonly using. Here are the key facts for all three products in the Apple launch chute.

The iWatch is instead being referred to as the Apple Watch by the company itself, and is virtually guaranteed to be a part of the March release date event. Apple introduced the product last fall to give developers time to work on apps so they’d be ready by day one, marking the rare instance where Apple previews a new product in one year but doesn’t bring it to market until the next. Pricing has been tagged at $349 but nothing is set until the launch event – in fact there is still a chance the name could be shifted back to iWatch. But the more intriguing question is the fate of the iPhone 6S and iPod touch 6th generation.

Apple is past due with the iPod touch 6, with the current model having been on the market for the past 2.5 years. But it’s never been a high priority for the company, particularly since the iPhone was expanded to include most carriers in most nations. This is as good a stage as any to roll out the iPod touch 6th generation, but it could raise eyebrows over the fact that the iWatch may not be compatible with it. The biggest question of all is that of the iPhone 6S.

Apple has yet to break protocol and launch a new iPhone less than a year after the previous. But if there was ever a time, this is it. The iWatch, technically an iPhone accessory, is dropping in the middle of the iPhone release cycle. The most sure fire way to boost watch sales is to roll out the iPhone 6S release date concurrently. Those answers will come on March 9th.

iPod touch 6th generation due: 2015 release date, Plus size model

The iPod touch has become the iRunt of Apple’s mobile lineup in more ways than one, meaning that the iPod touch 6th generation is due for not only a swift arrival, but a Plus size upgrade as well. Apple has been holding back on the iPod 6 for a number of reasons, but with its 2015 product launch calendar heating up, here’s what can be expected of the new model.

A8 era specs: Look for the iPod touch 6th generation to be based on the same tech specs that Apple is using in its current iPhone models. That means an A8 microprocessor and potentially a 128GB storage option. It also means that, with the iPod touch sticking out like a diminutive sore thumb as the only four inch product left in Apple’s circa-2015 repertoire, there’s a strong chance the base model will debut at 4.7 inches instead. The iffier questions are whether the iPod touch 6th generation comes with features like Touch ID, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch compatibility.

Plus size model: Apple has to be rethinking its Plus strategy, as the standard iPhone 6 is vastly outselling the 6 Plus. But the Plus does have higher profit margins, meaning it’ll have to at least consider also offering an iPod touch Plus in its sixth generation lineup, which would sell for $100 more than the base model.

iOS 8.2: This will be the first time since 2007 that a new iPod touch generation debuts without a brand new version of iOS to go along with it. But with Apple about to roll out iOS 8.2 anyway, that’s likely to be the base software for the iPod touch 6th generation. While 8.2 brings several new medium sized features, it’s still not clear which if any will apply directly to the iPod 6.

Release date: Apple’s press event in March looks like the ideal opportunity for the iPod touch 6th generation rollout, as the company won’t hold a separate press event just for the iPod touch, but won’t want to launch it with zero fanfare either. If it doesn’t debut at the March event, that’s a strong sign that Apple is secretly planning another press event before the spring is over.