Taiwan: Michelle Wie vs Stacy Lewis LPGA Tour golf rivalry renewed

Michelle Wie and Stacy Lewis have finally renewed their friendly LPGA Tour rivalry – and they had to travel halfway around the world to make it happen. Perhaps the two most popular American female golfers, Wie and Lewis briefly appeared to finally be kicking off a Tiger-Mickelson type of high level competition earlier this season. But Wie’s game fell apart as Lewis struggled, then Lewis started taking some of the tour’s Asian stops off even as Wie returned to action. Now finally, as the Fubon tournament in Taiwan, both are playing at the same time – and both are in contention.

Stacy Lewis finds herself at five under after one round in Taipei, while Michelle Wie is positioned at four under par. They’re both back a bit from the top of the mountain, where two other players are currently tied at eight under. But with Lewis and Wie both on their games so far this weekend, the LPGA Tour can finally feel some degree of optimism that the two may indeed be re-finding their games at the same time. That can turn into serious ratings potential if the two golfers are indeed playing at the top of their games by the time the Tour comes back stateside.

For now, relatively few Americans are seeing either golfer in action. Because the tournament is in Taiwan, live broadcasts in the United States are airing in the middle of the night. But perhaps it’s just as well. Even as the Michelle Wie vs Stacy Lewis begins to gain traction, the audiences can come later. For now, the key is for both players to continue competing strong beyond simply the first day. In the mean time, the Taiwan tournament heads into day two with plenty of golfers in contention.

Jameis Winston two interceptions, FSU trails Louisville by 21-0 score

There’s an upset brewing in Louisville, and it’s primarily thanks to the fact that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston has gotten off to an awful start to the game. In fairness, Florida State was already down 7-0 when Winston began to fall apart. But he’s thrown two interceptions in the first twenty minutes of the game, with a stat line that reads 7-for-18 with an average of a whopping three yards per passing attempt. And although it’s still in the first half, Louisville now leads FSU by a 21-0 score.

The outcome so far isn’t a total shocker. FSU already dropped to #2 in the nation by virtue of not enough wins over successful teams (their victory over Notre Dame notwithstanding), while Louisville has climbed back into the rankings at #25 and also has home field advantage. But the key difference tonight is that Jameis Winston is being showed up by Cardinals quarterback Will Gardner, who has 179 passing yards already, without about two-thirds of that going to wideout DeVante Parker. It’s still early in the evening, but the Seminoles now face a massive deficit to dig themselves out of.

Any potential comeback attempt has to rest on the shoulders of Winston, the Heisman Trophy winner from 2013 who has spent most of this season embroiled in various off the field controversies. Tonight represents the first instance in which his off-the-field antics have appeared to translate to poor play on the field as well. Even if Jameis can mount a comeback, the FSU defense will have to figure out how to contain Gardner for the rest of the evening.

NFL Network on television: TV channel number for DirecTV, Dish, more

Even as the NFL Network finds its way to a greater number of cable and satellite television providers, the league has shifted its Thursday Night Football games back to being strictly on the in-house TV channel. The network has long been a source of controversy, as the NFL used a heavy handed approach by demanding higher than usual payments from network providers, leading to prolonged period of a few years in which millions of customers simply had no access. That’s changed in large part, and with the games now changing channels, football fans are scrambling to find the appropriate channel numbers.

Thursday night NFL games had also been airing on CBS this season, but that simulcast has ended. In addition to the weekly games, football fans have also sought out the NFL Network for its wall-to-wall coverage of pro football, while competing sports news networks like ESPN cover football only a portion of the time.

The NFL Network is channel number 212 on DirecTV, 154 on Dish Network, 150 on Cablevision, 588 on Verizon FIOS, and 448 on Bell TV in Canada. Various cable operators like Comcast vary the channel number based on the viewer’s location, but the NFL offers a channel finder on its official site.