iPhone 6 rumors, features, size and specs: six final thoughts


1. Apple is finally changing up the styling after the last few iPhone models looked mostly similar. It’s about time. But the new additions like HomeKit, HealthKit, CarPlay, etc are what will give the iPhone 6 a chance to be a special product. Most people will judge the new iPhone based on how cool they think it looks and other superficial factors. But it should rightly be judged on how well Apple does or doesn’t execute these promised new features.

2. The 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will sell like gangbusters. It’s precisely the size that non-iPhone users have been demanding, and if they’re true to their word, huge numbers of people will now switch to iPhone. If not, then it’ll be back to the drawing board for Tim Cook in the hopes of figuring out why certain segments of people just don’t seem to want an Apple product regardless of circumstances. These are, after all, some of the same people who claimed the only reason they used Android was because there wasn’t a $99 iPhone model, or that the iPhone 5 didn’t come in colors. Apple addressed both those complaints with the iPhone 5C, but it never did sell particularly well in comparison to the more expensive and less colorful iPhone 5S. Go Figure. The moral: people don’t always know what they want, particularly when it comes to tech products, even if they state it repeatedly and emphatically. Cook surely has his fingers crossed that those demanding a bigger iPhone screen really mean it.

3. I’m still not sure I believe the rumors of a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 option. Android vendors have unwittingly proven that massive sized phones are currently just a large niche, and Apple doesn’t typically do niches. I’m also confused as to why Apple would stop offering a 4.0 inch iPhone, which has proven to be overwhelmingly popular, in favor of a 5.5 iPhone where nothing is a given. But again, the 4.7 inch iPhone will be the biggest seller either way.

4. Apple will once again give the iOS 8 system software to existing iPhone users for free. Install it on an iPhone 5S and you’re golden. Install it on an older iPhone 5 or 4S and it’ll run fine, but because of the older slower hardware, many of the important new features will be left out. This will once again cause millions of users of older iPhones to mistakenly conclude that “Apple isn’t innovating anymore” without even bothering to check out the amazing things that the iPhone 6 will offer. Apple keeps making this mistake, in the name of trying to be nice to existing users instead of just shutting them out of the new iOS. Perhaps Apple will get smart this time, and not offer iOS 8 to anyone but iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users, thus motivating iPhone 5 and 4S users to go ahead and use their upgrade eligibility.

5. The iPhone 6 will be, unless Apple does something to screw it up, the most advanced and intuitive and useful piece of personal technology in the history of mankind. And a within a year or two, it’ll be made obsolete by something even more advanced and useful. We live in an amazing era.

6. I’m not sure it’ll be called iPhone 6. Apple has begun ditching numbers on its other products, and is in love with the word “Air.” Don’t be shocked if the iPhone 6 is actually called iPhone Air.

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 release date: Sept 9th Apple Event unlikely


Apple is preparing to launch updated versions of its iPad tablets this fall, but don’t expect the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 to see their release date unveiled at Apple’s confirmed Sept 9th press event. That event will offer new versions of the iPhone and iPod touch, along with the official rollout of the iOS 8 system software and other new products. But Apple has a definitive recent history of keeping its new iPads separate from its new iPhones, meaning the new tablets will have to wait for another day. But when?

Part of that depends on how quickly Apple pulls together the new iPad models. The iPad Air 2 is, by various accounts, merely an evolutionary followup to last year’s original Air. That means it may be ready for its release date already. The iPad mini 3, however, could see a radical redesign after the first two iPad mini models were mostly identical on the outside. One way or another they’ll both be ready in time for the holiday season. But is there any way to narrow it down more precisely?

Recent history points to Apple holding its iPad press event about five weeks after it’s iPhone event. So if the iPhones are coming Sept 9th, it’s safe to look for the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air release date in mid October.

iPhone 6/6S/Air, iPod touch 6 release date: 5.5″ doesn’t add up


The iPhone 6, or the iPhone 6 and 6S, or the iPhone Air, or whatever Apple ends up calling its new super-sized flagship smartphone, now has a release date – or at least an introduction date – set in stone. Some of the rumors sound spot on. Apple will offer the iPhone 6 with a larger screen size to assuage the masses who have been demanding as much, and it’ll be thinner and lighter than the current 5S with an array of new features and more powerful specs. And it’s a good bet that a same-sized iPod touch 6 will debut alongside it. But when it comes to the proposed new screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, something just doesn’t add up.

The 4.7″ iPhone 6, by itself, sounds like a surefire correct rumor and surefire hit product. It’s in the sweet spot of the moderately larger screen sizes that have been popularized on the Android side of the fence by Samsung and its counterparts, without being freakishly large. It’s precisely the new iPhone that non-iPhone users have been demanding. And then there’s the rumor of a 5.5″ iPhone 6, which sounds more like a fantasy made up by the kind of tech geeks who are trying to compensate for something. Those are precisely the people who tend to buy Android phones that large, and they’re more or less the only people who do so. Worldwide sales numbers reveal that while smartphones in the 4.5 to 5 inch range sell like gangbusters, phones of the 5.5 inch variety are little more than a niche product.

Apple doesn’t usually do niches, but let’s say for the sake of argument that in this instance it’s decided to cover its bases with an iPhone 6 release date that offers a 4.7″ model it knows will do well, and 5.5″ model just in case the “phablet” market does graduate from niche to trend over the next year. That’s all well and good, except that none of these rumors addresses the future of 4″ form factor which the current iPhones employ.

Not only is the 4″ iPhone lineup overwhelmingly popular, the 4″ iPhone 5S is in fact the most popular smartphone in the world, vastly outselling Samsung’s larger Galaxy S5. Are we really to believe that Apple is about to offer the iPhone 6 in a giant 5.5 inch size for a market that largely doesn’t even exist, while suddenly no longer offering it in the incredibly popular 4.0 inch size?

Then again, the sources through which tech rumors tend to filter are generally the kind of geeks who, again, wouldn’t be caught dead with something as small as a 4.0″ iPhone model. So it’s possible Apple is about to introduce three new iPhone 6 models to satisfy all three sizes. Then again, it’s just as possible that the entire 5.5″ iPhone 6 is merely something that was made up out of thin air by the kind of tech enthusiasts who wish it were true. After all, after various tech publications spent about seven years writing fake rumors claiming that Apple was about to launch a Mac Mini, Apple finally went ahead and offered such a product just to shut them up.

In other words, don’t be surprised if the iPhone 6 comes in 4″ and 4.7″ options, and immediately thereafter, the tech headlines claim that the 5.5″ iPhone 6 has been “delayed” by way of explaining why it never existed. But either way, Apple is about to show that it’s serious about offering larger screen sizes – and we’ll have our answers when it introduces the new iPhones on September 9th and then holds the iPhone 6 release date shortly thereafter.

Miami Hurricanes v. Louisville game tonight: score winner schedule


The Miami Hurricanes and Louisville Cardinals were the last two teams to kick off their 2014 college football schedule tonight, with a Monday night game. Miami is looking to improve upon its 9-4 record last season in the ACC Conference coastal division, while Louisville is looking to contend for a national championship after going 12-1 last season in the ACC atlantic division where it will eventually do battle with FSU. Tonight’s game was tight for awhile, but the final score ended up not being a close one.

Louisville had home field advantage in its favor tonight, with the game being played at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in Kentucky. But the biggest wildcard tonight was the fact that the University of Miami is starting freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya over upperclassman Jake Heaps, with Kaaya having won the job in training camp. Kaaya played on a mediocre level, going 16 of 27 for 169 yards with one touchdown score and one interception, allowing Miami to remain within one point of Louisville into the second quarter. But it was the dominating rushing performance of Louisville running back Dominique Brown, who had 143 yards on 33 carries with one touchdown score, who provided the difference tonight.

Louisville was the winner over Miami by a final score of 31-13. The next game on the Louisville schedule is at home against Murray State on Saturday night, while the next game on the schedule for the Miami Hurricanes is at home against Florida A&M, also on Saturday night.

Final PGA leaderboard: Deutsche Bank winner scores results schedule


The PGA leaderboard was a tightly packed one heading into Round Four at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston, with a single player on top but another nine players within four shots of the lead. All eyes remained on Rory McIlroy to see if he can continue his recent PGA Tour success with yet another win, and despite a rough start to the tournament, he attempted to make a late charge and has put himself back into contention. But the victory went elsewhere.

Little known Chris Kirk made a name for himself by topping the PGA leaderboard when the smoke cleared today, winning the Deutsche Bank Championship by two shots with a final score of fifteen under par for the tournament. Geoff Ogilvy, Russell Henley, and Billy Horschel were his closest competitors by day’s end, each finishing at thirteen under par, two strokes off the lead. Rory McIlroy ultimately found himself tied for fifth place with John Senden, after failing to live up to yesterday’s round 64 by shooting a mere pedestrian 70 in today’s final round.

The next stop on the PGA Tour men’s golf schedule is the BMW Championship in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, which tees off this Thursday.

NASCAR race: Atlanta Sprint Cup winner results schedule


The NASCAR race tonight saw some Sprint Cup drivers scrambling to secure their first win on the schedule so they can sneak into the Chase for the Cup, other drivers willing to take chances knowing they’re headed for the Chase even if they wrecked out tonight, and still other drivers knowing they need a certain amount of points to eke their way into the Cup – and one driver just glad to be back on the track. In the end, the winner came down to the wire.

Heading into tonight’s NASCAR race at Atlanta, Jeff Gordon was atop the Sprint Cup leaderboard, having stretched that lead to twenty-seven points thanks to a win last week. But Dale Earnhardt Jr was still hanging around in second place after having spent most of the season climbing to that position. Brad Keselowski was in third place, 69 points back, while Joey Logano was in fourth place, 84 points off the lead. But at this point in the season, wins count for more in the results column than points heading into the Chase for the Cup.

Kevin Harvick led much of tonight’s race, but finished in nineteenth place. Kasey Kahne appeared to have had the win in hand, but a late caution triggered by Kyle Busch and an unfortunate pit sequence shook up the field on what would have been the final lap, seemingly handing the victory to Matt Kenseth instead. But by the time the smoke cleared, Kasey Kahne was indeed the winner. Tony Stewart exited the race early due to a wreck. Danica Patrick had a strong finish in sixth place. The next race on the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule is the Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Speedway on Saturday night September 6th.

SMU vs Baylor football game tonight: score winner schedule


Number ten ranked Baylor kicked off its 2014 college football schedule tonight against SMU, giving the term “Sunday Night Football” a different meaning entirely. The Baylor Bears are looking to contend for a national championship this year after having gone 11-2 in the Big 12 conference last season. The Southern Methodist University Mustangs are hoping to improve upon a 5-7 record in the American Conference. Tonight’s game couldn’t have been much more one-sided, with a shutout final score – but it may have come at a cost.

Baylor starting quarterback Bryce Petty was on his way to having a career game, going 13 of 23 for 161 and two touchdown scores before leaving the game with an injury. But while that potentially opened the door for Southern Methodist to make a comeback, that door was slammed shut by Baylor’s defense. SMU never did manage to score a point during the course of the game, even in the garbage time of the fourth quarter, by which time Baylor was playing its third string quarterback. Perhaps most glaring: SMU had a total of minus-35 yards rushing on the night, while Baylor had 261.

In the end Baylor was the winner over SMU by a final score of 45-0, meaning the Bears will climb to at least a number nine ranking this week. The next game on the Baylor schedule is at home against Northwestern State on Saturday night, while the next game on the Southern Methodist schedule is at North Texas on Saturday afternoon.

Tennessee Vols vs Utah State game tonight: score winner schedule


Tennessee and Utah State opened their college football schedule tonight with a game against each other on a night that’s usually reserved for NFL games. The Tennessee Volunteers are looking to bounce back from a down season in which they had a 5-7 overall record and did poorly in their SEC conference east division. The Utah State Aggies don’t have the same national profile as the Vols, but they went 9-5 last season including 4-1 in their Mountain West division. In the end the final score was a lopsided one.

Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley had a career night in going 27 of 38 for 273 and three touchdown scores, as the Vols steadily built a lead throughout the first half, resulting in a score of 17-0 at halftime. Still, the game wasn’t out of each for Utah State. However, Aggies quarterback Chuckie Keeton threw two interceptions which hindered any chance of a comeback. By the time Utah State found its way onto the scoreboard with a Keeton touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, the game was already out of hand.

In the end Tennessee was the winner over Utah State by a final score of 38-7 in what may be a signal that the Vols are finally ready to turn their program around after a few seasons of turmoil. The next game on the Tennessee schedule is at home against Arkansas State on Saturday afternoon, September 6th, while the next game on the Utah State schedule is at home against Idaho state on Saturday night.

Final LPGA leaderboard: Portland Classic winner results tour schedule


The final round of the Portland Classic schedule began with an LPGA leaderboard so tightly packed that three players were tied atop it – and ended with two players still tied atop it tied at fourteen under par, forcing a sudden death overtime playoff to determine the ultimate winner. That lead changed hands numerous times during the course of the weekend at Columbia Edgewater Country Club, with the victory up for grabs. In the end, the winner was a golfer who had topped the leaderboard earlier in the week.

Suzann Pettersen, Mi Jung Hur, and Carlota Ciganda began the day tied at the top of the LPGA leaderboard at eleven under par apiece after fifty-four holes. They were trailed by round two leader So Yeon Ryu, Xi Yu Lin, and round three leader I.K. Kim, all at ten under par. Another five players were at nine under including Laura Diaz. Some of the biggest names on the LPGA Tour including Stacy Lewis and Michelle Wie aren’t participating this weekend. But after seventy-two holes it was I.K. Kim and Austin Ernst who found themselves embroiled in a playoff.

Austin Ernst was the winner over IK Kim in sudden death at the Portland Classic golf tournament. The next stop on the LPGA Tour schedule is The Evian Championship in Evian-les-Bains, France beginning on September 11th.

Miami Dolphins schedule, first opening game 2014: Joe Philbin on brink


The Miami Dolphins head into their first game on the 2014 NFL football schedule with third year head coach Joe Philbin and quarterback Ryan Tannehill already both on the hot seat. Miss the playoffs again, and Philbin will likely be fired by season’s end. Fail to fully develop into an NFL caliber starting QB, and Tannehill will be replaced in the draft. The good news for both is that the roster appears to be in its best shape in years. The bad news is that the schedule starts off tough, particularly the opening game.

The Dolphins have finally made an honest effort to correct their years-long mess of an offensive line, using a first round pick on Ja’Juan James and a major free agent contract on Brandon Albert to try to fix the problem. Even if the line goes from bad to mediocre this season, it could be enough to allow Tannehill to finally play his game his way. And that alone could buy Joe Philbin, who has a career losing record as a head coach in Miami, one more year with the team.

The Miami Dolphins open their 2014 NFL schedule at home against the New England Patriots, arguably their toughest opponent of the season, on Sunday September 7th at 1:00pm at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens.