24 Live Another Day new episode tonight: Jack Bauer vs Pres. Heller

24 returns tonight with another new episode of its Live Another Day season, and after the first few episodes focused on reconnecting the dots of the jump forward in the timeline, the new season is finally getting down to what we hoped it would be about: Jack Bauer and James Heller. The two couldn’t be further apart when Live Another Day began, with President Heller tucked safely away in the Oval Office and fugitive Jack buried deep within the London underground. But now the two are finally interfacing with each other and trying to figure out whether they belong on the same page – and now the fun might really begin tonight.

In the first five episodes of 24 this year we’ve already seen the show hit all its old high notes: the authorities using torture to get what they want, the incompetent CTU bosses and their openly insubordinate agents, the wild conspiracies, the seeming villains who aren’t actually the villains, and the random moments of shock value which fundamentally alter the nature of what you thought you had been watching up to that point. But the later years of the original 24 run were at their best when Jack Bauer and Heller, and Heller’s daughter Audrey, were working in an uneasy alliance with partially conflicting goals.

Just how much more of Bauer vs Heller will we see tonight? Continuing with the pattern of having two episodes in a row penned by the same writer, tonight’s episode is again written by Omar Madha. In other words, those who liked last week’s episode should love tonight’s episode. Television ratings finally stabilized last week, holding steady from episode four to episode five, after having lost about thirty percent of its season premiere audience.

By the time tonight’s episode is over, 24 Die Another Day will be halfway through its twelve episode season. Will longtime fans stick around for the second half? Tonight’s new episode airs on FOX network at 9pm eastern time.

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  1. Kelly on June 2, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Cannot see a listing for 24 for June 2nd. forward. Is this on Fox News Channel or what. Still a edge of your chair show and hope for more to come..