24 tonight: new 2014 season premiere Live Another Day

Even a series finale and a multi year hiatus aren’t enough to keep Jack Bauer down, as he returns tonight in an unexpected new season of 24. It’s titled Live Another Day, and this time it’s set in London, as Jack and Chloe race against the clock to try to save the President of the United States from an assassination plot. In addition to the new location, plenty of things have changed in the world of 24.

Long gone are early season 24 characters like President Palmer or Tony Almeida, who were all killed off or otherwise dispensed with. Now it’s basically just Jack and Chloe, along with whoever else they pick up along the way. The series finale left Jack a wanted fugitive who was about to disappear. How much time has elapsed since then? What has be been up to? And will his daughter make an appearance at some point during the season?

Those questions will all start to be answered tonight. Live Another Day is essentially a half season of 24, but still spans the customary twenty-four hour time period.