Agents of SHIELD season 2 spoilers, recap: Ward brothers in cahoots?

Season two of Agents of SHIELD continues to take new twists and turns which were set in motion late in the show’s first season, and the latest episode finally focuses in on rogue agent Grand Ward and his United States Senator of an older brother. Spoiler alert: don’t keep reading until you’ve seen the latest episode. Tim DeKay of White Collar fame is introduced as Senator Ward, and while he’s initially painted as a stereotypically opportunistic politician who wants to take down SHIELD for the sake of his own popularity, it’s soon revealed that there’s more going on with him and his sibling. And we now believe there’s a whole lot more going on between them than has yet been revealed.

Phil Coulson manages to strike a deal in which Senator Ward gets to take control of his brother, presumably for the purpose of putting him on trial for his crimes, an in exchange the government’s scapegoating of SHIELD will come to an end. Skye takes one last shot at getting him to reveal secrets about her father, and then he’s shipped out. And while it came as a shock to audiences last season when Ward turned out to have been a villain all along, it came as a surprise to no one when he inevitably escaped while being transported from SHIELD’s basement into government custody. That’s about where the episode leaves things, but in what may be a major spoiler, his escape can’t be what it appeared to be.

During his escape, Ward managed to break his handcuffs as if they had never been placed on him in the first place. Considering that Coulson is the one who shackled him to begin with, it’s unrealistic to think that Coulson incompetently chose handcuffs that were weak enough to be broken. That means Ward had help escaping. And while it’s possible that Hydra was behind his escape, we believe that Senator Ward may have plotted to allow his own brother to escape.

It could be that he didn’t want to see his own kid brother go to prison or worse. Or it could be that the Senator is secretly part of Hydra and has been conspiring with Grant all along. That would explain a number of things, including why he had been so bent on wiping out SHIELD even though he appeared to already know they weren’t the enemy. It would also explain why Ward had such an uneventful time escaping. And now the Senator could be gearing up to have his brother do Hydra’s dirty work, even as he publicly claims he’s trying to take him down. After all, he did state during the episode that the public needs a simple enemy to unite against.

We’ll have our answers soon enough, of course. And with the manner in which nothing seems to be sacrosanct in season two of Agents of SHIELD, this could be just the beginning of a reveal within a reveal. But if and when the Ward brothers turns out to have been in cahoots all along, you heard it here first.