128GB iPhone 6 release date brings 4.7 inch sapphire screen

When Apple takes the wraps off the iPhone 6, some of its new features and aspects will come as a surprise while others are already reasonable guessable thanks to a slew of rumors and the natural progression of Apple’s upgrades. The biggest surprise of all: the iPhone 6 release date may deliver a new iPhone that’s not even called “iPhone 6.” With the iPad and MacBook having adopted the “Air” naming convention as they’ve gotten thinner, and Apple’s iPhone names having become convoluted with the 5S and 5C, the new iPhone could end up being called the iPhone Air. Regardless of its name, it’ll deliver some intriguing new features. Chief among them will be a 4.7″ sapphire screen and a 128 GB storage capacity.

Apple has long been knocked for failed to offer its iPhone in anything larger than a four inch screen size. That’s about to change, as the iPhone 6 release date will deliver two options. One will have the same 4″ screen as the current iPhone models. The other will have a larger 4.7″ screen, placing it in the sweet spot of the smartphone market. Both models can be counted on to include a sapphire screen, which Apple has been working on for years, to replace the current Gorilla Glass. That’ll make for a virtually unscratchable, indestructible screen surface. The big question becomes whether the entire iPhone 6 body (or should be get used to calling it the iPhone Air?) will be made of sapphire, or just the screen itself. That may depend on the ongoing shifts in sapphire market pricing, which have plummeted and made the use of the material possible on a consumer-priced mobile product.

The other new feature on the horizon for the iPhone 6 release date will be one borrowed from the iPad Air: the option for 128 GB of storage on the high end of the lineup. Apple has been stuck at 64 GB of storage for the iPhone for a few generations now, even as it’s broken that barrier on the iPad side. Now that Apple is making a taller and wider iPhone 6, it’ll create additional interior space for more solid state storage. However, Apple may limit the 128GB option strictly to the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 model.

Additional possible features for the iPhone 6 include NFC near field networking, next generation 4G XTE mobile data networking, Beats by Dre built in speakers and bundled earbuds, and digital headphone audio running through the Lightning charging port.

As for the iPhone 6 release date itself, Apple has established a pattern over the past few years in which new iPhone models make their debut in September or early October. With recent data showing that the aging iPhone 5S is still the number one selling smartphone in the world, that means Apple will be in no hurry to rue the iPhone 6. So while there’s a chance it could surface as early as late August, the safer bet is on the mid September range which Apple has often treated as the sweet spot of the fall launch season, with the new iPad models subsequently debuting in October.