Almost Human cancelled by Fox: no season 2 for Kennex and Dorian

Almost Human has been cancelled by the FOX Network after just one season. The show was critically acclaimed and developed an enthusiastic cult following, but ratings were middling throughout the season. Fan hopes for renewal continued throughout the end of the first season, but the show’s creators appeared to have already seen the writing on the wall: when the crafted the season one finale, they carefully avoided leaving open any cliffhangers, knowing that they might well never get an opportunity to resolve them.

Accordingly, there will be no season two for Detective John Kennex or his robot partner Dorian. Despite the lack of finale cliffhangers, several unresolved recurring Almost Human plotlines from the first season will go forever unanswered. What were all those false childhood memories doing inside Dorian’s programming? What exactly about his programming was so flawed that it got his model discontinued entirely? What was the deal with Kennex’s girlfriend selling him out in the show’s very first episode, never to be heard from again? And just what was really on the other side of that massive wall that the villain played by John Larroquette fled to midseason? first reported the cancellation tonight, meaning no answers will ever be broadcast.

Fans will be left to merely speculate, as Fox dropped the hammer on Almost Human far too soon. For reasons which were never explained, Fox intentionally aired the first season episodes wildly out of order, creating continuity problems in the relationship between the main characters, evoking memories of when Fox did the same to another science fiction darling, Firefly, before canceling it after one shortened season.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley