Almost Human, cancelled or renewed by FOX, targets Perception ratings

Almost Human, the future based sci-fi television show focused on curmudgeonly detective John Kennex and his robotic partner Dorian, is pushing onward with its first season by airing a new episode titled Perception – throwing caution to the wind about whether it’s about to be cancelled or renewed by the FOX Network. The latest episode reveals a number of new facets about the future in which Almost Human takes place. Kennex is popping pills to try to enhance his memory of the attack in which his then-girlfriend apparently betrayed him, even as school kids are popping pills to try to expand their, ahem, perception of the world. There are genetically enhanced children who are smarter than everyone else, and Minka Kelly’s detective character is one of them.

It’s the first time we’ve learned much of anything about her, as she’s mostly been in the background thus far. It’s not clear whether this is a retroactive modification to her character or whether, as series creator J.H. Wyatt became so adept at doing while he was helping Fringe, the clues as to her genetic superiority were subtly there all along and intended for us to miss them so we’d kick ourselves later. There wasn’t a word about the mysterious Wall, first introduced last episode, which appears to separate civilized society from some kind of criminal wasteland, or what John Larroquette’s character has been up to since he climbed over to the ugly side of it. But nonetheless the mythology behind Almost Human is finally coming into focus, and wherever it’s headed, it’s certainly more than just a police procedural with a robot. And that leaves FOX with an interesting choice.

Ratings for Almost Human have been middling overall, but have been climbing of late to the point that they should be enough to secure a full first season order of episodes. However FOX has yet to many any such announcement, leaving open the possibility that it could kill the show off after its initial batch of episodes airs, which is coming up rather quickly. That puts tremendous ratings pressure on the next few episodes, with the ratings for Perception under particular scrutiny. Perhaps it’s mere coincidence that Almost Human is finally pulling out more of the stops when it comes to what mysteries lie inside its fictional near term future, but the timing for it is almost perfect.

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  1. Justin Germino on February 13, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    The show is ridiculously good in my opinion and would be a shame if it were cancelled, Terra Nova also on Fox and was fantastic but killed by lower ratings.  The fact on how it approaches technologies we can all see just a few years off and shows both the good aspects and negatives that can come from it really shows what capabilities will be.