Amazon’s new smartphone looks like a bad iPhone 5S knockoff

Amazon has revealed its new smartphone, and while it runs the Android operating system and offers its own Amazon-specific features, it sure looks a whole lot like Apple’s iPhone 5S. In what has become the most reliable yet the most lawsuit-inducing tactic in the smartphone market, Amazon has opted to simply deliver a piece of hardware that looks like something Apple would have made – or is already making – with just enough minor tweaks to use as a method of legal defense once the issue invariably gets hauled into court.

Amazon’s new phone is a flat styled all-black device with a bottom panel identical to that of iPhone 5S, with its only real differentiation being that its sides are slightly curved as opposed to Apple’s fully flat sides, and the familiar circular iPhone home button replaced with an oblong flourish. Apple will file suit to have the phone removed from the market before it even goes on sale, and more often than not it wins these lawsuits, though the appeals process can drag on for so long that the device is ultimately retired before it can be banned.

While the Amazon phone is an iPhone knockoff on the outside, it runs a very different platform once you boot it up. In fact it runs a different platform than even its fellow Android phones do. The Amazon phone is based on the same forked version of Android that the Kindle Fire tablet runs on, which means less compatibility with standard Android apps and updates, but more Amazon specific customization.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.