American Idol tonight: who went home, voted off – Jena Alex or Caleb?

American Idol is down to its top three remaining contestants, and one of them is being eliminated tonight – but who’s going home? Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene all performed well last night, meaning that any of the three could fall victim to viewer voting. Each gets to have their homecoming on account of making the top three, but that return trip home will be bittersweet tonight for one of them, as the “homecoming” will be permanent. But who will it be?

We suspect that Jena is safe tonight on account of the fact that she’s the only remaining female in the competition. That means either Alex or Caleb is going home, and we just can’t imagine Caleb not making it to the Idol finale. So our gut feeling is that, despite all his talents and popularity, Alex is the odd man out tonight. But we don’t decide these things, voters do. Who do you think Idol voters will send home tonight?

American Idol airs tonight on the FOX TV network at 9pm eastern time, and picks back up again next week with the remaining two contestants.

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  1. meil6345 on May 15, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    Based on last night’s performances, Alex won the night. He deserves a spot in the final. Caleb and Jena have been slipping in their performances the last few weeks. They have one memorable performance each and pitch issues on others. Alex has been consistent throughout. He is my pick for American Idol.