Android seas part for iPhone 6 release date and iOS 8 HomeKit in 2014

Why has Apple been holding out on the iPhone 6 release date in 2014? Part of the answer of course is that it’s been working on the iOS 8 system software all year, along with new apps like HomeKit and HealthKit, which will serve as the software cornerstones of the iPhone 6 feature set – and the new iPhone won’t ship until its software platform is fully complete. But another part of Apple’s silence in through the first several months of 2014 is that competing Android phone vendors have collectively been making noise throughout the first half of the year – and that’s about to change as Apple steps to the plate.

Even as Apple kept quiet about the iPhone 6 release date and any details about the new device throughout early 2014, Android vendors took turns dominating the tech headlines. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5. HTC revised the One into the One M8. LG delivered the G3. Motorola delivered new Android hardware as well. Each month, another Android vendor stepped to the plate with its new flagship hardware for the year, as Apple remained in the background. Now that the Android vendors have fired off their best shots for 2014, the second half of the year is mostly wide open, creating an opportunity for Apple to dominate the smartphone headlines with its iPhone 6 release date without significant ongoing competition.

Apple does have a pair of hurdles to dodge when it comes to the iPhone 6 vying for attention. Google is holding its I/O tech conference in late June, where it will reveal the future software direction of the Android platform. And sometime around the end of October, the successor to the Nexus 5 Android smartphone can be expected to hit the market. But from July through September, the smartphone market tends to go rather quiet. That makes late summer and early fall the ideal time for the iPhone 6 release date, at least from a strategy standpoint, if not quite ideal for those users who have been waiting patiently for it. Will the iPhone 6, with iOS 8 and HomeKit and the other apps Apple has teased, be worth it?

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.