Pinpoint: iPhone 6 release date up in air, rumors say August 2014

The release date for the iPhone 6 is still up in the air, at least publicly and officially, as Apple does its best to keep the continued development and specifics of the product under wraps. However that hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming, with rumors now spreading so far and wide that some of them conflict with each other and others are downright humorous. The most consistent such rumor pinpoints the iPhone 6 release date as being in August 2014, which while not well substantiated, does have the benefit of falling within a realistic timeframe. Other iPhone 6 rumors sound like they’re from another planet. Here’s a breakdown of the iPhone 6 rumor breakdown.

First we have mobile case maker Celly, which not only supports the rumor that the iPhone 6 release date will be in August 2014, but also inexplicably claims that the iPhone 6 has been designed in Italy. In reality, unless something surreal has shifted within Apple’s strategy, the iPhone 6 has been designed by Jonathan Ive at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. But that’s not even the most absurd rumor to surface this week. There’s a columnist from Forbes who claims not only to have seen the iPhone 6 specs, but who also feels comfortable confirming that the new device will have “weak” battery life. Of course he bases this purely on rumored mAh numbers, don’t only refer to physical battery juice and fail to take into account actual usage. For instance the current iPhone 5S has a lower mAh number than almost any competing Android phone on the market, but due to differences in processor consumption and operating system structure, offers a longer battery life than most of its competitors. And this is the same publication which, just last month, claimed that the iPhone 6 won’t have a headphone port.

While that last part is outright absurd, there is the legitimate question of how much or little influence the acquisition of Beats by Dre will have on the iPhone 6 design and styling, whether it be the bundled earbuds or the overall styling. The way the rumors are stacking up, one might think Jon Ive and Dr. Dre are currently in Italy working on the iPhone 6 design as we speak. In any case, while the iPhone 6 release date may not come as soon as August 2014 as claimed, Apple’s fairly predictable annual release cycle says it won’t arrive any later than September or the first bit of October.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.