Apple says iPhone 6 Plus “bending” defect limited to nine customers

So much for the iPhone 6 Plus having a “bending” problem. After an individual posted a video online in which he purportedly was able to permanently warp his iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands, a touch of mass hysteria hit the social networks as users wondered aloud whether their shiny new iPhone 6 might also fall prey, and those who’ve made a livelihood out of thumbing their nose at Apple began erupting in celebration. But Apple revealed its internal data on the matter, and the numbers are striking: out of ten million-plus iPhone 6 buyers, several million of whom bought the iPhone 6 Plus, only nine people have complained to Apple that their phone has gotten bent.

While this data – given to the publication Re/code by Apple itself – won’t put to bed the mass hysteria or those writing the headlines aimed at perpetuating it, the numbers demonstrate two things decisively. One, there is no iPhone 6 Plus bending defect. Any “issue” which affects less than one out of every million users is, by definition, not a defect or even an issue. Two, if the new phone were capable of being bent simply by placing it in the wrong pocket or by being gripped incorrectly, as the infamous video claims, then the number of bent iPhone 6 units would already be in the thousands or tens of thousands.

The fact millions of people have already put their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their pockets of various shapes and sizes with essentially zero of those phones getting bent is proof that the new iPhones can withstand any kind of pocket treatment. By extension, those nine users complaining of a bent iPhone 6 must have, by definition, done something particularly abusive to it in order to pull off the kind of damage that the other 9,999,991 iPhone 6 users haven’t been able to cause through normal use. This should be, once and for all, the end of the “iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy – but we all know it won’t. Carry on.