Apple skews iPod touch 6th generation 2014 release date: what’s next

Apple has skewed the release date for the iPod touch 6th generation, steering it away from the traditional every-other-year introduction alongside the new iPhone in September of 2014 and offered nary a peep by way of explantation. Meanwhile the aging 5th generation iPod touch continues to be sold online and in Apple retail stores as if nothing ever happened. For those looking to buy an iPod touch now, the blackout regarding the iPod touch 6 has created a tricky landscape. However, one of a few things is going on here, which may help you to plan your purchase accordingly.

1. Apple is holding back the iPod touch 6th generation by just a bit, either because it wasn’t ready yet or because it wants to nudge iPod touch users toward the new iPhone 6 for awhile first. The former is certainly possible, as Apple likely came down to the wire in getting the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus out the door and the iTouch is always a secondary priority for the company. The latter may be just as plausible, as after seven years of offering the iPod touch as what it once referred to as “training wheels,” it may be time in Apple’s eyes to take the wheels off just a bit. If either of these scenarios is true, then look for the sixth generation iPod touch release date within a month at most, perhaps introduced alongside the new iPads in October.

2. The iPod touch is already on its way out the door; see above “training wheels for iPhone” reference. In this case Apple may have decided to simply stop updating the iPod touch to see what the public reaction is, and whether it can get away with phasing it out altogether in favor of steering would-be buyers toward the iPhone instead. Considering the lack of public outcry yet, such a plan could work – but is Apple ready to throw away the business it gets from those in retail and education who buy the iPod touch for niche uses in bulk?

3. Because the new iPhones jumped in size, Apple is left in a quandary as to whether to make the iPod touch 6th generation just as large as the iPhone 6 or whether to keep it the old traditional size. So amid the uncertainty as to which direction to go, Apple may simply wait until next year to see where demand shifts.

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  1. Rich Evans on October 2, 2014 at 9:51 am

    I;m willing to wait another year for the 6G, but I would be upset if they discontinued the iPod Touch altogether.