“Me And My Broken Heart” song lyrics: that’s Rixton, not Maroon 5

The new Maroon 5 song “Me And My Broken Heart” is everywhere this month, quickly rising up the charts and gaining radio airplay with its catchy lyrics and chorus. Except – oops – that’s not Maroon 5 at all. Say hello to Rixton, a new British band from Manchester, and the singers of Me And My Broken Heart. The band is fronted by Jake Roche and Charley Bagnall, and the song is the lead single from their EP of the same name. So just who are these new guys?

While Rixton has no connection to Adam Levine or Maroon 5, they are connected to another popular number-in-name band. “Me And My Broken Heart” samples the song “Lonely No More” by Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. The fast rise of the song means Rixton will be performing on the Today Show on Wednesday May 28, and they’re performing at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas several times this week.

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  1. Michael on August 7, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    What maroon 5 song does the start of this sound like?? Please help!