Candy Crush Saga cheats become official with “infinite lives” scheme

Candy Crush Saga players who are forever on the lookout for ways to cheat through or past their favorite levels will be pleased to know that for this weekend at least, cheating ones way into more lives has become an official thing. Candy Crush has long sold five additional lives at a time for ninety-nine cents, but is temporarily offering infinite additional lives over a two hour period.

The price for the window of infinite cheating: the same 99 cents it usually costs for a mere five extra lives. Candy Crush has become highly profitable – and controversial – by only allowing those who download the free app a certain number of chances to play the game within a certain amount of time. Never more than five games in a row unless you win, only one additional game each thirty minutes, with price tags on playing more frequently. And of course the game also sells special playing pieces that make gameplay easier.

But throwing gameplay wide open for two hours is new territory for Candy Crush, and may motivate some who swore they’d never pay to play – or who stopped paying for extra games after seeing the size of their App Store receipt – to resume the spending habit.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley