New MacBook Pro 2014 release date: follow the money for answers

Those looking for clues as to the new MacBook Pro 2014 release date need look no further than one simple piece of advice: follow the money. Apple keeps such a tight lid on inventory turnaround time that it’s difficult to predict the arrival of a new product based on ship times, which usually remain at twenty-four hours right up until the day a product is discontinued and replaced. But if there’s one thing Apple can’t control as well, it’s the price discounts being offered by third party Mac retailers. Those resellers often have a better inside sense of when a new model is coming, and they begin cutting their prices to clear out their own less-tightly-managed inventory before the announcement is made. The steeper the MacBook Pro price cuts, the more swift the release date for the new 2014 model. So just how are those price cuts going so far?

Best Buy is offering the current MacBook Pro models for as much as $129 off Apple’s manufacturer suggested retail price. Amazon is taking things a step further, offering up to $149 off the high end fifteen inch MacBook Pro versions. That alone is a sign that the new MacBook Pro 2014 release date is getting closer by the day. With Mac sales continuing to rise slightly even as Windows PC sales plummet, these discounts are not indicative of a weak Mac market, but are instead a well placed bet by the retailers who would rather give up profit margins now with discounts than get stuck with a back room full of 2013 MacBook Pro inventory on the day Apple introduces the 2014 MacBook Pro lineup.

If current MacBook Pro prices continue to drop even further, count on the new 2014 MacBook Pro release date to arrive within a month at most. However, if at some point MBP prices start creeping back upward, it’s a sign that the retailers guessed wrong and are now hedging their bets – pointing to the release date being a ways off.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.