New iPod touch 6th generation release date slips later into 2014

Those who have been waiting for Apple to unveil the iPod touch 6th generation before making their purchase are now facing a conundrum: the expected release date in September, and the big Apple press event with it, came and went without any mention of the iPod touch. Meanwhile the fifth generation model continues to sell at regular price as if nothing happened, and Apple isn’t offering any guidance on what’s really going on.

The worst case scenario for such buyers is that Apple may have simply grown tired of continuing to offer a device which some consumers have used as an ongoing excuse not to switch to an iPhone. People with a low rent android prepaid phone in one hand an an iPod touch in the other are the bane of Apple’s iPhone marketshare efforts. Apple may be holding off on any iPod touch 6th generation talk to see how the market reacts. Thus far there has been plenty of confusion but little actual outcry, as the iPod touch 5 continues to be available. But there’s another, more hopeful theory when it comes to the iPod touch 6 release date.

That theory says that Apple is simply folding the iPod touch into its iPad tablet lineup, since it’s technically a micro-tablet and always has been. In such case the iPod touch 6th generation release date can be expected within the month when the new iPads roll out.