Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts playoff game today TV live stream

The Denver Broncos take on the Indianapolis Colts today in game on the NFL football second round playoff schedule, with the Broncos having home field advantage and also having the Colts’ former quarterback. Denver had a first round bye last weekend, while Indianapolis handled the rival Bengals with ease in the opening round. Today’s game has an afternoon start time and airs on a network TV channel alongside a live stream online option.

Peyton Manning has already led the Broncos to one Super Bowl since leaving the Colts, and is hoping to get back there again. But he’s looked off kilter the past month, leading to questions about whether he may be too injured to get the job done in the postseason; he’s eager to prove those voices wrong. Andrew Luck took over for Manning in Indianapolis and immediately led his team back to playoff contention, and is looking to take the next step in today’s contest. The weather at Mile High will be just above freezing, with a chance of snow.

Today’s Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts NFL football playoff game has a start time schedule of 4:40pm eastern time and airs on TV channel CBS in all regions. The game is also available via live stream online.

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  1. darrell bain on January 12, 2015 at 1:16 am

    The defensive coordinator should be fired emediatly! Payton Manning should be released. That was the worst attempt of a a playoff game that I”ve seen. Broncos fans will not put up with that kind of effort.