Derek Carr’s draft stock complicated by brother David’s comeback attempt

Derek Carr, the college football quarterback expected to be taken sometime in the first round in next month’s NFL Draft, just saw his draft prospects get more complicated. His older brother, former number one overall draft pick David Carr, says he wants to make a comeback after washing out of the NFL several years ago. David further says that he’d ideally like to be his kid brother Derek’s backup. That suddenly positions the two quarterbacks as a potential package deal. And that may be a problem for Derek, because no NFL team appears to have any remaining interest in David.

The elder Carr made his comments to the Houston Chronicle, hometown newspaper for the one team which almost certainly doesn’t want David back. After making him the first pick in team history, the then-expansion Houston Texans failed to protect him with an adequate offensive line and ultimately failed to see much quality quarterbacking during his years under center. The Texans have the number one overall pick again this year, and if they do take a quarterback, it’ll more likely be Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles, both of whom are rated higher than Derek Carr. So Texans fans can rest easy about any fear of ending up with either Carr brother under center.

Derek Carr is more likely to go in the middle or the second half of the first round, where the teams have winning records and usually tend to already have their starting quarterback in place. Such teams would be adding Carr for future purposes, and he would serve as their number two or three quarterback for the current season. Would any winning team then want to give their sole remaining quarterback spot to David, who hasn’t been able to land and NFL gig since he was cut by the New York Giants last August?

The team which drafts Derek Carr could attempt to make him comfortable by inviting David to their training camp with no guarantees. But if David fails to impress in camp, the team would then be in the awkward position of cutting Derek’s brother even as they’re heading into his first season with the team. Derek might do well to privately inform any team interested in drafting him that he and his brother aren’t a package deal unless the team wants them to be.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley