Dorothy Hodgkin Google Doodle, home page pushes Small Business Week

Google’s home page is taking the rare step of marking two occasions simultaneously. Its logo is replaced with a Google Doodle honoring the late Dorothy Hodgkin, a biochemist who advanced the studies of proteins. And underneath the search bar on the otherwise typically all white Google home page is a text link which reads “Happy Small Business Week.”

Google turns its logo into a Doodle several times a year to mark occasions as serious as Martin Luther King Day and as whimsical as the anniversary of the invention of the Pac-Man game. In honor of Dorothy Hodgkin, Google replaced the “oo” in its name with a protein molecule. Hodgkin won the Nobel Prize while helping to map out or confirm the structures of everything from penicillin to insulin. She died in 1994. Google’s Small Business Week link is a bit more on the self promotional side, as it links to the Google+ social network, which Google views as a useful tool for small businesses to build an audience and connect with existing customers.

While Google Doodles have been known to appear multiple times per month, home page text links have been more rare. The most famous was probably when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Google rival and partner Apple, passed away.


Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.