Droid Turbo steps into Android limelight as Samsung Galaxy falters

The Droid Turbo is the newest member of the Android phone family, and it arrives at a time when the platform could use a shot of popular momentum. Sales of Android based smartphones continue to climb, but while those sales had largely been dominated by flagship devices from the likes of Samsung for the platform’s first several years, that dominance has been increasingly shifting toward unremarkable devices from anonymous Android vendors of late – so much so that, at least by Samsung’s standards, the Galaxy S5 has been a mild flop. So what does the Droid Turbo offer to make Android fans perk up their ears?

The television commercials for the Droid Turbo say it all: long battery life and super fast charging. And that just might be the recipe to help jolt the Android platform back into a state of grace. One of the peculiarities of the platform is that its best pieces of hardware, such as the Nexus phone or the HTC One lineup, have been middling sellers, while arguably inferior but heavily-marketed phones from Samsung have dominated on the sales side.

The pedestrian design, cheap plastic casing, and overload of self-promotional apps offered by Samsung have turned off some buyers, giving the entire Android platform a bad name.

This has come even as Android purists have all but begged mainstream consumers to look past middle brow hardware like the Galaxy S5 in favor of the lesser known, better Android phones on the market.

It’s not immediately clear whether the Droid Turbo fits the bill. Aside from the battery and charging tricks, which some consumers will find overwhelmingly appealing, this phone is somewhat of a rehash of Motorola’s existing Moto X, which is last year’s technology and wasn’t all that intriguing even when it was new

But even that aside, the arrival of the Turbo points to Motorola still being in the game, and hardware innovations still happening on the Android platform. And that’s good news whether it manages to outsell the Galaxy S5 or not.