On eve of new 2014 MacBook Pro release date, old MBP still packs punch

The new 2014 MacBook Pro release date is several week or a few months away, depending on how one reads the tea leaves surrounding the recent slew of price cuts from third party retailers and the progress on Intel’s upcoming new Broadwell microprocessor. But there are always going to be those who end up buying an existing MacBook Pro on the eve of the new model, for various reasons ranging from ignorance to bargain hunting to necessity. And in this case, “that guy” who just bought an old MBP ahead of the new MBP release date is me.

In my case I’m about to hit the road for a few months, and I didn’t want to be dragging my three year old MacBook Pro along with me. It’s gotten a bit too slow to keep up with my needs, I don’t want to put any more money into it, and its expired AppleCare warranty means that it’s a liability if it dies while it’s still in my possession. It’s been the best laptop I’ve ever owned, but it was time for a change. And I just couldn’t wait any longer for the new 2014 MacBook Pro release date to arrive, because not only did I not want to travel with my old one, I didn’t want to try to be setting up a new one from the road. So I swallowed hard, found the best discount I could, and bought a 2013 MacBook Pro knowing that the 2014 MacBook Pro will arrive before the proverbial paint is dry on mine. As it’s turned out, I couldn’t be happier.

My “new” fifteen inch MacBook Pro is so much faster than my old one that if I were to quantity the difference, it would be in whole number multiples. That’s largely because I opted for a solid state internal drive instead of a hard drive. My previous MBP had a hybrid drive, which was faster than a regular hard drive but nowhere near as fast as a solid state drive. I thought long and hard about putting a solid state drive into my old MacBook Pro and trying to get another year out of it, but I knew that doing so would merely speed up the data accessing speed, and not speed up other components like processing speed or bus speed.

This new MBP is half as thick as my old one, feels like it weighs less than half as much, and offers far longer battery life. It offers very little in terms of perceptual “newness” as it looks more or less exactly like a sleeker version of my old one. Apple really is past due when it comes to changing up the styling and look of its MacBook Pro line, but if that’s the biggest complaint I can come up with, Apple must be doing something right.

The catch comes later this year when Apple rolls out the new 2014 MacBook Pro, and I spend a day or two moping about how mine is no longer the current model, asking myself if I should have simply waited. My educated guess is that the release date of the new model comes somewhere between September and November, depending on Intel’s Broadwell progress. In the long run I’m not sure if I made the right call, but I would generally advise readers to wait for the release date of the new model unless they’re in an unusual situation like I was. The cool part: even though my old MBP was three years old, I was able to sell it for about half of what I paid for it, confirming once again the long term value play when it comes to Apple products in comparison to its competitors.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley

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  1. Taskbar on July 24, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Well we might be joining your eve club. One of our Macbooks is on its last legs… hard drive is clicking, read speed is shocking. Just can’t face buying a 2013 yet … especially as they are changing processors. No doubt future pipline versions of OS and Adobe creative Cloud will somehow be locked to the new processor type. Right off to look at someone else’s blog to see if they magically know the release date… roll on September