Flappy Bird deleted, but still online via APK, eBay, Flappy Bert

The creator of Flappy Bird has followed through on his stated intention to pull the highly popular game from App Stores, still offering no solid explanation but making clear that he wasn’t bluffing. Whether he adds the app back in the coming days and this all turns out to have been a stunt to boost the game’s popularity, or whether we really have seen the last of Flappy Bird for good, those who are missing the craze have taken to various parts of the internet to try to get their fix – or to try to cash in on it. That includes would-be developers scouring the web to try to find the APK, and those who are outright selling their phones on eBay with Flappy Bird already on it.

eBay auctions of iPhones with Flappy Bird preinstalled are being listed for as much as a thousand dollars, but it’s difficult to determine whether they’d really sell for that much because the auction site has been removing such listings as soon as it finds them; it’s technically illegal to resell a software app you’ve purchased. Those chasing down the APK for Flappy Bird may find more success if they can use it to engineer their own versions of the app. It’s not yet clear whether the creator of the app will attempt to legally block others from expanding on his work.

The only thing that Mr. Flappy Bird has made clear is that there were no legal ramifications involved in his decision to shutter the app. That would seem to shoot down the notion that he may have faced legal threats from Angry Birds over the similar name, or from Nintendo over any perceived visual similarities to Super Mario Brothers. But will he go after anyone who tries to launch their own Flappy Bird take-off? If so he might have to take on Sesame Street, which has offered up its own “Flappy Bert” game for free.