Jimbo Fisher, FSU Seminoles prepare for life after Jameis Winston

The Florida State Seminoles and head coach Jimbo Fisher hare riding high these past two seasons, having never lost a game since Jameis Winston took over as their starting quarterback until this week’s Rose Bowl debacle. He’s about to head to the NFL this offseason, meaning Fisher and FSU will have to face life without their Heisman good luck charm. So just what will that landscape look like in Tallahassee?

Jimbo Fisher’s immediate reaction to losing Jameis Winston to the NFL may be a sigh of relief. The past two years of dealing with his off the field transgressions have left the coach visibly exasperated, particularly when the quarterback came out to the field in full uniform for a game in which he had been suspended. And the off the field antics have ranged from the absurd (stealing crab legs from Publix and shouting obscenities in the school cafeteria) to the very serious (accusations of sexual assault). But even with the headache leaving Florida State, Fisher needs to find a replacement for the Seminoles.

The good news for Jimbo Fisher is that he has ample time to get it together at Florida State even if his first attempt at replacing Winston doesn’t pan out, as he’s been given a major long term contract extension and the requisite job security which comes with it. Backup quarterback Sean Maguire performed well in his one start this season. Ohio State QB Braxton Miller could also be looking to transfer to FSU. And the rest of the Seminoles roster looks stocked.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley