Jameis Winston: NFL Draft 2015 stock, Eagles, Titans, Jets

Jameis Winston will bail on FSU after this season and declare for the NFL Draft 2015, posing teams with a quandary: he’s a first round talent whose skills will easily adapt to a pro style offense, but his various off the field transgressions send up red flags at a time when pro athletes are under increasing scrutiny for legal troubles. The default landing spot is the Titans at the number two overall pick. But if they decide to take a pass, or to trade the pick, it opens up a whole host of other possibilities for where Winston will land.

Assuming the Bucs take Marcus Mariota with the first pick, as he’s the safe bet, that leaves the Titans with a decision to make at number two. Taking Jameis Winston that high means giving up on the likes of Locker and Mettenberger, both of whom have had their ups and downs. If they opt not to take a quarterback in the first round, things get hazy fast. The Jaguars won’t take a QB at number three. The Raiders almost certainly won’t at number four. And the Skins probably won’t at number five. That leaves the NY Jets the next team on the board at number six, and they could be a fit.

The Jets already have Geno Smith, but their new head coach may be looking to move on after two inconsistent years. Michael Vick could stick around with the Jets and act as mentor to Jameis Winston, as they both have similar playing styles, and Vick has overcome his own legal troubles to grow into a model citizen.

But another team could move up in the draft by trading into third, fourth, or fifth pick in order to acquire Jameis Winston before the Jets even have a chance. One team to watch is the Eagles, who may have soured on Nick Foles. Also watch out for the Bears and Bills, both of whom need a reliable quarterback.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley

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  1. Bob on January 1, 2015 at 12:46 am

    I wouldn’t waste a 7th round draft choice on this future Ryan Leaf. Any team that picks him before the 4th round is absolutely nuts.