Galaxy S5 Mini is Samsung’s secret weapon vs iPhone 5C

The difference in perceived sizing between Samsung and Apple is highlighted by the fact that Samsung considers its four inch Galaxy S5 Mini to be a compact sized phone, while Apple views its four inch iPhone 5C as the sweet spot for the mainstream. Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, is closer to five inches – too large for small hands and too wide for narrow pockets, but offering more screen real estate than any phone that Apple offers. Now Samsung hedges its bets by delivering the S5 Mini, which could be its secret weapon against the iPhone 5C.

It’s no secret that Apple will bring out a larger sized iPhone in the fall, but in the interim it’s delivered the iPhone 5C as a stopgap measure, essentially a retread of its iPhone 5 with a lower price tag and a change-up color scheme. In the mean time Apple has all its chips down on four inches, while Samsung has most of its on five inches and up (including the oversized Galaxy Note and Mega). But that’s left Samsung with a hole in its lineup in the four inch range. The new Mini fills it.

Samsung has yet to fully explain why it insists on launching its new flagship Galaxy S phone and then only delivering the corresponding Mini version a month or two later, creating that temporary vacuum which competitors can take advantage of. But the arrival of the Galaxy S5 Mini means that Samsung can offer consumers its latest and greatest phone in a choice of four inches or five.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.