Game of Thrones new episode tonight: HBO start time, free live stream

Game of Thrones returns to HBO tonight with a new season four episode after a long midseason break. Tonight’s episode is the eighth of the season for the HBO fantasy television show based on the books penned by George R.R. Martin and set in the now familiar realm of Westeros. Actor Peter Dinklage returns as Tyrion Lannister, after a turn as mad-scientist villain Bolivar Trask in the new film X-Men Days of Future Past. But how much longer will Dinklage be sticking around on Game of Thrones? And for those who don’t have access to HBO or to a TV set, is there a way to watch the episode via free live stream online?

Tonight’s episode features the long awaited battle between Red Viper and The Mountain. The fate of Tyrion hangs on the balance, leaving the audience to have to worry at least a little bit that Dinklage could be exiting the series soon despite being one of the main stars. Those who have read Martin’s books already know what’s coming next, but as Dinklage has publicly admitted, he hasn’t read the books himself. We won’t spoil the outcome of tonight’s storyline for those who haven’t read the books either.

Tonight’s new episode of Game of Thrones has a start time tonight of 9pm eastern time on TV channel HBO. An official live stream of the episode will air online on HBO Go (HBO subscription required). Other free live stream options are available at and similar streaming sites.