Game of Thrones season four finale spoilers tonight: does Tyrion die?

Game of Thrones airs its season four finale tonight, with fans of the show wondering what George R.R. Martin has up his sleeve this time. The life of Tyrion Lannister hangs in the balance, and while he’s the lead character of the show, that hasn’t prevented vital characters from being killed off before. Remember back in season one, when we all thought Sean Bean’s Ned Stark was the main character? Since then, the carnage of the Red Wedding and the gruesomeness of the trial by combat between Mountain and Red Viper have served as reminders that no one is safe in this medieval horror fantasy realm.

Spoiler alert ahead, and don’t keep reading unless you want to know the fate of Tyrion Lannister tonight and beyond. By the time the curtains close on season four tonight, Tyrion will still be alive. In fact, through the end of the Martin books that have been published so far, Tyrion survives – though his soul may die a little in the process. Don’t worry, fans of gore: there’s plenty of violence and murdering coming up in Game of Thrones (we won’t spoil all of that for you, as it has repercussions for season five). But the little guy lives to see another day. Whether he lives or dies by the time the books and TV series have finally concluded is another matter.

The season four finale episode of Game of Thrones airs tonight on HBO, starting at 9:00pm eastern time and running for seventy-five minutes through 10:15pm, so set your DVR for the extra time accordingly. For those who miss the initial live airing, it’ll be immediately repeated rom 10:15 to 11:30.