Google Glass delivers CNN iReport to Explorers, beats Apple to punch

Google Glass is gaining the ability to file user generated news reports to CNN iReport, arguably its first “real” feature beyond the ability to upload pics and video, more than a year after it first debuted. But that’s to be expected, as Glass is still in pre-release mode, only in the hands of techies and beta testers, with an official launch coming somewhere down the road. Meanwhile, as Google has placed its wearable technology ambitions out in public over the past year in the hopes of garnering early attention, Apple has kept its own wearable ambitions fiercely private while it works on whatever unknown products it’s planning.

With Google Glass facing PR nightmares in the form of two different beta testers getting beaten up and others getting thrown out of public locations just for wearing it, Apple’s under-wraps strategy appeared to be the winning one – up to now. The arrival of CNN compatibility on Google Glass, regardless of how many or few Glass Explorers end up using it, means that Google has gotten the scoop on Apple in at least one important way.

This could all be a moot point if Apple’s wearable products end up indeed being smart watches and other products that don’t complete directly with Google Glass and don’t center around on on-board video functionality as Glass does. But for now it’s a degree of vindication for Google’s year long Glass efforts and its decision to let those efforts play out in the public eye.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.