Google Glass: from nerd chic to fashion forward with von Furstenberg

Google Glass has spent the past year becoming the coolest new product among the tech nerd crowd, giving instant geek credibility to those who have been able to score the early bird still-in-development version of the wearable computing glasses. But at some point Google will have to market Glass beyond the geek crowd, and that requires making it not just cool from a technical standpoint, but also cool from a mainstream fashion standpoint. That time may be now, as Google Glass is gaining the services of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Right now, Google Glass looks like a set of futuristic eyeglasses with a laser-cam hovering over one eye. It’s instantly recognizable, and the only quasi-mainstream product of its kind. But it’s also become a bit of a branding tool. A handful of altercations have seen Glass wearers assaulted, and though each of the incidents has involved arguments which went beyond Glass itself, it’s only served to reinforce the notion that Glass is a product for geeks.

The swiftest way to change that perception is to make the next generation of Google Glass look less like a Star Trek accessory and more like a set of eyeglasses that the average mainstream person would be comfortable wearing in public. Diane von Furstenberg has been relevant in the fashion world since the 1970s, helping to shape the course of fashion for decades across multiple continents.

Google Glass made an appearance at her fashion show last year, but it was little more than a cameo. Now the partnership becomes more fundamental, and Glass could quickly shift from its current nerd chic status to mainstream fashion forward in short order.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.