Google Glass user victimized in San Francisco, captures video of her attackers

Sarah Slocum may be the first person to use Google Glass to capture video of her own attackers, after she was “physically asaulted and robbed” last night in San Francisco. The self described social media and technology enthusiast had been selected by Google as one of a few thousand “Explorers” who have been allowed to test out early units of its eyeglass-style computing technology, which hasn’t yet gone on sale to the public. She says that while inside the Molotov bar near Haight Street on Saturday night, “some [bleep] tore them off my face and ran out with them then and when I ran out after him his [bleep] friends stole my purse, cellphone.”

While her attackers escaped with her other belongings, Slocum did manage to retriever her Glass unit. That’s good news not only because of its current $1500 price tag, but also because she “got their faces on Glass video” and may be able to use the footage to help identify the thieves. It’s not clear whether the robbery was specifically related to the fact that she was wearing Glass; thieves frequently use the trick of pulling the eyeglasses off the face of the victim and running away, in the hopes that the victim will pursue them so an accomplice can steal any personal items left behind in the chaos. From up close Google Glass is recognizable by its computer mechanism over one eye, but from a distance they can be mistaken for someone simply wearing eyeglasses.

So while the robbery itself may not have been related to Google Glass, the fact that Slocum was wearing the product may ultimately increase the odds that her attackers end up apprehended.

There have been other notable Google Glass firsts over since the product was first rolled out in limited release last year. For instance Nick Starr was the first to get kicked out of an eating establishment for refusing to remove his Glasses. While the product isn’t yet consumer ready and its operating system and features are still being developed and added via software updates, first hand feedback from users has been largely positive. Our own Stabley Times writer Jason Tucker has had positive experiences with his own Google Glass Explorer unit, primarily using it to post real time photos and video to the Google+ social network.

As for Slocum, she did file a police report immediately after the incident. But apart from her Glasses, which she recovered herself, “I dont plan on getting anything back.”

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley