Green Bay Packers eye Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers injured, dominant

The Green Bay Packers have the most dominant quarterback in the NFL in the form of Aaron Rodgers, but in the past five years they haven’t been able to win the Super Bowl even with him. The Packers are hoping that will change this time around, and are now just one game away from the Super Bowl. The catch: Rodgers, despite having his best season and showing just how far he’s evolved from the shadow of Brett Favre, is suddenly injured.

The good news for Green Bay residents is that despite the calf injury, Aaron Rodgers has still led his Packers to a playoff victory over a difficult Cowboys opponent. But now he faces a tougher defense in the form of the Seahawks, which will look to exploit the fact that he’s unable to run or even job without looking gimpy. The Packers drafted Rodgers while they still had Brett Favre and intended to stash him until after Favre retired, but after he hemmed and hawed about retirement, the job went to Rodgers, sending Favre to the Jets and splitting the fan base’s loyalties.

In hindsight the move was the correct one, and Aaron Rodgers may end up having a more dominant career than Favre did. But for now, the Green Bay Packers have to hope that a one-legged Rodgers is enough to get them their first Super Bowl title since 2010. The upside is that if they can’t pull it off in 2015, they appear to have several more chances coming up while Rodgers remains in his prime.