Hairgate: “Bendgate” a hoax, so iPhone 6 Plus haters invent new drama

The iPhone 6 Plus will make you tear your hair out, literally, say Apple haters in what just may be the more surreal faux-controversy surrounding the iPhone maker to date. The tech world is fresh off the “Bendgate” controversy in which a YouTube video claimed the iPhone 6 Plus could be easily bent permanently by human hands, but the whole thing turned out to be vastly overblown. The Washington Post confirmed in hands-on tests that the new iPhone can’t be permanently bent by human hands unless the person in question is muscle-bound. Consumer Reports confirmed that the device is not easily bent. And Apple revealed that a whopping total of nine users – out of ten million plus – had complained of any kind of disfiguration. But undaunted, the haters have moved on to “Hair gate” unabated.

The latest hoax purports to show users having large chunks of their hair ripped out after holding the iPhone 6 up against the side of their head for phone calls. It’s not immediately clear whether “Hair gate” is a particularly weak attempt at created a faux-controversy for Apple, or perhaps an intentional parody of such fake controversies. Perhaps next week Apple-haters will claim that the iPhone 6 Plus makes for a lousy razor, or causes ebola. Those who generate such rumors seem to have abandoned any sense of believability.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus do appear to have their issues, as iOS 8 has delivered some isolated yet painful bugs for certain users relating to wifi and bluetooth connections, along with the fact that some existing iPhone users have griped that both new models are too big and they plan to stick with their iPhone 5 in protest. But even as these legitimate controversies play out in the real world, the Apple trolls online seem to be living in an alternate reality in which the iPhone 6 bends like a sheet of paper while pulling your hair out – and let’s not forget ebola.