Hewlett-Packard’s $99 tablet HP 7 Plus has echoes of TouchPad

Hewlett-Packard is trying its hand in the tablet market yet again, and this time it’s embracing the $99 price point from the start. This time around it’s an Android based tablet called the HP 7 plus, as the printer company attempts to get in on the bargain basement action in the seven inch Android tablet market. It’s a far cry from three years ago when HP was trying its hand with the HP TouchPad, an early iPad knockoff which was running the company’s own webOS which it acquired in the Palm acquisition. The TouchPad famously flopped, but attracted some belated interest after HP cut the price to $99 to blow out discontinued inventory. Now the HP 7 Plus is priced $99 from day one. So what does it offer?

The short answer is that the HP 7 Plus, despite its name, is defined by what’s been subtracted in order to hit the sub-$100 price point. It comes with a mere eight gigabytes of on board storage (though more can be added for a price), and is a no-frills small tablet aimed at casual users who primarily want to use it for the basics.

The HP 7 Plus will compete directly with Amazon’s similarly priced Kindle Fire 7, with the primary difference being that the Fire runs a forked version of the Android OS while the HP 7 Plus will apparently run a more standardized version of the system software.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.