How my daughter got me to start paying for music again

Here’s my confession: in the past fifteen years, billions of dollars have been spent on music – and not one of those dollars came out of my pocket. I love music, and all kinds of it too.  Country?  Check.  Classic Country?  Double check.   Classic rock?  Sure.  Oldies? Sign me up.  Top 40? Absolutely. I love to watch countdowns of the best songs, best videos, and the best genres on television. I love to sing.  I sing to my children (much to their embarrassment, I might add).  I sing during housework, I sing at my desk during my day job.  In college, I was called the “singing waitress.”I was nearly orgasmic when I discovered the Song Pop app for my iPhone…

But I have not purchased a single CD, MP3 or concert ticket in almost 15 years.  This is not an unconscious decision, but a willful edict.  It came about as a culmination of many things-small children and no time to go to concerts, a reduction of income, school, moving, and my general disgust at the music industry and artists.  I found it very hard to part with my hard earned money to fund someone with gold rims on their car and a personal chef in their kitchen.  I guess I can blame it on too many episodes of Behind the Music, or Where are They Now?  Seeing people lose so much-and in some cases everything-when I had almost nothing was a little hard to swallow.  I don’t believe it was jealousy, just practicality.  I also never downloaded a single song or album illegally because I do believe an artist/songwriter/ musician has a right to get paid for their work (not to mention that it is stealing)…

However, all of that is about to change next month when I take my daughter to the P!nk concert for her birthday.  It was her only birthday wish, and I caved.   I have fantastic seats and I am sure we will have fun.  Whether I buy her a t-shirt at the show remains to be seen.  Baby steps, baby steps.

 How my daughter got me to start paying for music again

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 How my daughter got me to start paying for music again

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