iPhone 6 inventory improving in Apple Store, iPhone 6 Plus mixed

The iPhone 6 and particularly the iPhone 6 Plus have been in strict supply since their launch three months ago, as unprecedented demand for the larger sized Apple smartphones has made it difficult to make a same-day purchase at retail and online orders have come with extended delays. But that’s begun to change this week, at least when it comes to some models. And for the first time, the Plus is arguably in better supply than the flagship model.

For AT&T customers, the iPhone 6 is available to ship from the online Apple Store in 1-3 days for either of the bottom two capacities, but 7-10 days for the 128GB model. This is equally true for the silver, gold and space grey variations. The 6 Plus is quicker to ship, with the bottom models available within one business day and the top model within 3-5 days. The story is largely the same for Verizon and Sprint. This represents a shift in iPhone equilibrium.

By all accounts the regular iPhone 6 has been outselling the 6 Plus by a whole number multiple from day one. Those who believe the Plus will ultimately be the more popular of the two have claimed that the severe strain on Plus inventory from the start has been to blame. But now, with the Plus at least as easy to acquire as the regular 6, the sales numbers from here on in for the rest of the quarter will offer a more accurate look at which of the two models is truly more appealing to consumers.