Apple’s iOS 8.0.3 checklist: bluetooth, predictive text, camera roll

With iOS 8 out the door and two subsequent bug-fix updates behind it, Apple’s attention is now fully focused on the iOS 8.0.3 update – and some users are looking forward to it more than others. Cupertino released 8.0.1 but almost immediately pulled it from circulation after claims that it caused wifi issues for the earliest of adopters. Instead came 8.0.2, which appears to have left the vast majority of users happy even as a few complain of newfound bluetooth issues. That’s on top of a handful of other bugs still remaining from the 8.0 version.

Apple doesn’t typically make interface changes until the x.1 iteration, but may have to make an exception after numerous users have griped about changes to the Camera and Photos apps. First, the “Camera roll” is gone in favor of “recent photos” which has emerged as a thorn in the side of those who keep taking pictures on the iPhone or iPad without offloading them, ending up with too many photos to fit within the “recent” boundaries. Additionally the editing functionality of the Photos app has placed the Enhance button at the top of the screen where it’s difficult to reach for some users with smaller hands on the new larger iPhones, and also vanishes while in cropping mode. Apple could, ahem, revise these revisions with iOS 8.0.3 or they could indeed wait for iOS 8.1 down the road.

Finally there is the new predictive text feature of iOS 8 which has received mixed reviews: the suggestions are often useful and don’t get in the way when they’re not useful, but the suggestions can sometimes be hilariously inane. Additionally the suggestion bar tends to disappera at random intervals for some users, forcing them to manually turn it back on in settings. Apple hasn’t said when iOS 8.0.3 will arrive, but by month’s end is a reasonable expectation.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.