iOS 8.0.3 update: three bug fixes ahead of iOS 8.1 release date

Apple is set to update its iOS 8 system software to along with its new hardware releases this week, and that could come in the form of either an iOS 8.0.3 bug fix update or the full fledged iOS 8.1 launch. That depends on whether the release date of the latter is ready in time. iOS 8.1 will being bug fixes and feature upgrades, while 8.0.3 would merely squash bugs and annoyances. Either way, here’s a look at three key bug fixes that the next iOS update will address when it’s released.

Connectivity: While it’s been an isolated issue, a small number of users have faced wifi and/or bluetooth connectivity issues on both the original iOS 8 and the subsequent 8.0.2 releases. That should be cleared up with either the iOS 8.0.3 or iOS 8.1 update, whichever comes first.

Camera roll: Users continue to complain that the longtime Camera Roll tab in the Photos app has been replaced by a “Recent tab which doesn’t include every photo they’ve taken. This was presumably done by Apple to break users of the bad habit of taking an abundance of pictures and then leaving them on their iPhone or iPad forever without offloading them or backing them up to iCloud or a computer. But with that message having already been delivered to lazy users, Apple may now go ahead and restore Camera Roll after all.

Enhance button: Apple inexplicably moved the popular “Enhance” button to the top of its iOS 8 Photos editing toolbar, making it disappear once other editing features have been used, and also making it difficult to reach on the larger new iPhones. Look for the iOS 8.0.3 or iOS 8.1 release date to modify this after numerous user complaints.