Apple iOS 8.2 release date for iWatch, iOS 8.3 update for TV sets

iOS 8.2 and 8.3 are coming, and their release dates will line up with Apple’s forthcoming new hardware products. Much chatter has typically focused on when Apple will release any given software update to its iOS mobile touchscreen operating system. But those updates most often line up with new product launches, and this cycle will be no different. Apple has already released iOS 8.1 in conjunction with its new iPad hardware products, and now turns its attention to the rest of its lineup. That will come in the form of the “iWatch” Apple Watch, and then a bit further down the road, Apple television sets.

While Apple generally has a framework of what new features and revisions it wants each 8.x software update to include, it can in reality draw the line on development at any time in order to line it up with any highlight on the calendar. For instance iOS 8.1 was shipped the week of the new iPad event, with any unfinished aspects of it simply held back for the next release. That’ll come in the form of iOS 8.2, which we believe Apple will line up with the Apple Watch product in early 2015. The update will of course be made available to the entire product line including the iPhone and iPad, and it will include Watch compatibility along with all the other odds and ends that its software engineers have completed by that time.

We further believe that iOS 8.3 will be released later in the spring of 2015 alongside Apple television sets. Apple isn’t typically inclined to offer an x.3 version of its iOS software, but then again, nor does it typically release new mobile hardware products that late into any given iOS cycle. The televisions won’t quite be iOS devices in the traditional, as they’ll be running a variant similar to what’s currently on Apple TV boxes. But the iOS 8.3 update will be necessary for iPhones and iPads to act as conduits for the televisions.