iPad Air 2 (iPad 6): release date, rumors, price and Touch ID

With the iPad Air having arrived last fall, Apple and its customers have now turned their attention to the next generation iPad Air 2. The difference is that while Apple already knows details about the iPad Air 2 including its release date, its price, and whether it’ll offer new features like Touch ID, outsiders looking forward to buying one can only rely on rumors and common sense to figure out the pieces to the puzzle for now. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the second generation iPad Air, which is technically the sixth generation iPad and is still referred to in one circles as the iPad 6:

Release Date

Unless Apple varies from its annual iPad launch cycle, the iPad Air 2 will arrive sometime in the fall of 2014. Most often that means October, after the new iPhones arrive in September. But Apple has shaken up its iPad release schedule once, offering the iPad 4 a mere six months after the iPad 3. So there is some idle hope that the iPad Air 2 release date could come sooner, although it’s most likely married to the launch of the iOS 8 system software which hasn’t even hit beta yet.


Apple has a habit of trying out a new feature or technology or design on one iPhone or iPad model, and if it works well and ends up being popular, adapting it to the rest of its mobile lineup (see also: Retina Display, Siri, external antennas). That means that the Touch ID fingerprint scanner password system currently only available on the iPhone 5S is almost a lock to make its way to the iPad Air 2, barring some unforeseen technical hangup preventing it from happening.

iPad Air 2 Price

From the very start Apple has charged $499 and up for its full size flagship iPad lineup, while dipping into lower price ranges only via smaller models like the iPad Air and older models like the previous year’s flagship. That means that unless Apple’s philosophical thinking towards pricing changes, the iPad Air 2 will once again debut at $499 and up.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

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