iPad Air 2 release date on tap: Target cuts iPad Air, iPad mini prices

The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display are now both being sold with a $100 gift card from Target, effectively lowering their price by that amount and marking the first significant price cut from a major retailer since the latest iPad models debuted last fall. Such moves typically come at the end of a calendar quarter if they’re simply a matter of the retailer looking to boost their overall revenues for the quarterly report, but the timing of this deal points to something different. Is the iPad Air 2 release date suddenly on tap?

Apple has a history of updating its iPad lineup a year apart, with the last turnover having been last October. But it has broken that pattern in a major way once so far in iPad history, releasing the iPad 4 just half a year after the iPad 3. The sudden price deals at Target on the current iPad models could mean that Apple is about to launch the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 sooner than later. However one problem stands in the way of that, and it may be a dealbreaker for those hoping for a new iPad release date this month.

It’s unlikely that Apple will launch any new iPad or iPhone hardware until the new iOS 8 system software is compete, and it’s still at least a few more versions of developer beta testing away from being ready for release. So the notion that Apple is pushing out the iPad Air 2 release date next week isn’t realistic. In that sense the current Target price deal may simply be a random one-off occurrence. Notably, Target is not offering any such deal for the entry level iPad mini without Retina Display. Read into that what you will.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.