iPhone 5S vs 5C: specs, camera, 2014 price cuts, glass vs plastic

The iPhone 5S vs 5C debate rages on, even more than half a year after the two Apple smartphones debuted in tandem with different price points, specs, styling and feature sets. The more expensive iPhone 5S has a thinner body, a faster processor, and a few camera tricks up its sleeve, while the iPhone 5C offers most of the 5S features in a bright plastic body. But has the 5S vs 5C equation changed in light of the new lower priced deals that have emerged for both iPhones? Here’s a look at the strengths of each, and which one is the greatest value.

The original pricing scheme placed the iPhone 5S base model at $199 and the iPhone 5C base model at $99. That meant paying a hundred dollars extra for faster A7 and M7 speed, slow motion camera, and the more expensive glass body. The majority of customers have concluded that the iPhone 5S is worth it, as the 5S has outsold the 5C by a healthy margin. But that’s led to deals on 5C pricing which have come and gone depending on carrier and retailer.

Intermittent deals have placed the price of the iPhone 5C as low as $19 on the U.S. market. That’s $180 cheaper than the official price of the iPhone 5S. Other intermittent deals have priced the 5S as low as $149. So the value proposition depends on the prices available on your carrier at the time you’re buying. The iPhone 5C offers enough power for most mainstream users today. The bigger question is how well the 5C will hold up when Apple releases its new and more processor-intensive iOS 8 system software in the fall.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.