iPhone 5S vs 5C vs new iPhone 6 release date: bargain price or wait?

Apple continues to sell the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C even after having shown off the software interface of its new iPhone 6 – but without revealing its release date. That takes the ongoing iPhone 5S vs 5C debate and adds an additional layer to it. Users not have to consider not only which of the existing iPhones is better suited to their needs, but also how the impending bargain prices for both models will change the equation, all while factoring in how the new iOS 8 system software will impact the existing iPhone models, and also deciding whether it’s better to wait for the iPhone 6 release date and buy the new generation model. Confused enough yet? We break it down for you.

The basic premise of the iPhone 5S vs 5C argument remains the same. If you’re willing to pay more for a thinner phone with a faster processor that’ll remain relevant for more years and some neat camera tricks among other extra features, go with the iPhone 5D. If you’re an average user and you’re more worried about saving money now than you are about how your phone will handle top of the line future apps in a year or two, and you can live with the neon plastic colors, go with the iPhone 5C. Officially that price differential has been a hundred dollars. The key factor to watch, as the iPhone 6 release date inches closer, is whether the price difference between the 5S and 5C remains the same or whether the bargain deals end up having prices more like $99 for the 5S and $49 for the 5C.

Both existing iPhones will be upgradable to the new iOS 8 system software for free. But Apple may limit some of the new iOS 8 features to specific hardware components it includes in the new iPhone 6. That creates some uncertainty, as the iPhone 5S already has the secondary M7 processor while the iPhone 5C doesn’t. Again, it comes down to how long you want your iPhone to remain relevant and how much more you’re willing to pay now for that long term rebalance. And then there’s the option of waiting for the iPhone 6.

All signs point to the iPhone 6 release date arriving in September or October. Those not in a hurry to buy may consider waiting until then. While the iPhone 6 will likely debut at $199, the existing 5S and 5C will see their price cut significantly – if not discontinued altogether – at that time.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.