iPhone 6 release date by Dre: 2014 Beats acquisition impact

iPhone 6 by Dre? Apple has officially acquired Beats by Dre, just days before CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at WWDC to show off the new operating system – and possibly more – of the iPhone 6. With three million dollars being spent to bring Beats under the Apple umbrella, monetarily its biggest acquisition in company history, it’s a safe bet that the ripple effect of the move will impact every Apple product line to varying degrees. But is it enough to impact the iPhone 6 release date?

That comes down to which Beats by Dre assets Apple was really looking to get its hands on. If it’s a matter of bringing Dr. Dre and jimmy Iovine inside the tent to help mold the future of the digital music industry, that won’t impact the iPhone 6. If it’s about adding a cool factor to the brand, however, Apple may be looking to build Beats speaker technology into the iPhone 6 or even redesign it’s bundled earbuds to be cooler (and considering the generic nature of the current iPhone EarPods), that won’t be difficult to accomplish.

That begs the question of how far along iPhone 6 hardware design is, how close it is to going into production, and whether Apple is now willing to muck with any of it at this late date in order to make the new device cooler. Doing so could end up pushing back the iPhone 6 release date from, say, an optimistic August launch to a more customary late September shipping date. That’s not what those waiting for the iPhone 6 will want to hear. But when you spend three billion on a high profile acquisition, you’ve got to find a way to get your money’s worth out of it – even if that does mean the iPhone 6 by Dre could arrive a bit later.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley