iPhone 6, iOS 8, New MacBook Pro: final WWDC 2014 keynote predictions

Apple presents its WWDC 2014 keynote tomorrow, with some new product introductions more likely than others. Will it throw caution to the wind and unveil the iPhone 6 now, a month or more before it might be ready to ship, or will its iOS introductions be limited tomorrow strictly to its new iOS 8 system software? Will the new MacBook Pro make a WWDC appearance, just as a new MacBook Air shows up in last year’s keynote? And what else is waiting in the wings for tomorrow’s presentation? Here’s a look at the odds of various new Apple products appearing tomorrow and why.

iOS 8: This is the only given for WWDC 2014. Apple has introduced each new version of iOS 8 at WWDC annually, giving the app developers in attendance the opportunity to go hands-on with the beta version of the new system software in the sessions before releasing the beta for home testing later in the week. Typically Apple releases the finalized version of its new iOS software alongside its new iPhone in the fall. But with Apple having been so startlingly quiet thus far in 2014, and with pressure from larger sized Android phones growing exponentially, Apple could opt to shake up the industry by previewing the iPhone 6 tomorrow. But iOS 8 is a given for tomorrow.

iPhone 6: If Apple takes the wraps off the iPhone 6 tomorrow – and don’t be shocked if it’s called the iPhone Air instead – it’ll be essentially forfeiting iPhone 5S and 5C revenue between now and the time that the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 ship, which would be at least a month from now. But if there was ever a time for Apple to move its annual iPhone introduction up in the calendar, this is it. The odds are against the iPhone 6 appearing at WWDC 2014 tomorrow, but it’s still certainly possible.

New MacBook Pro: This may be the hardest to pin down of any product involved. Apple quietly released the 2014 version of the MacBook Air last month, and it was a mere speed bump. Its decision not to update the MacBook Pro accordingly at that time may have been because it wanted to wait for the bigger WWDC 2014 stage tomorrow, or simply because it hasn’t yet been a full year since the last MacBook Pro update. The online Apple Store doesn’t show any drop off in availability of the current MacBook Pro models, suggesting Apple hasn’t been bleeding down inventory in advance of a product turnover. But we believe the new MacBook Pro has a better chance of surfacing on Monday than the iPhone 6 does.

MacOS X 10.10: Is Apple ready to roll out the next version of its OS X software platform, just a year after 10.9 Mavericks was unveiled? Our gut feeling says yes, and its interface will closely match the styling of iOS 8.

iPod touch 6: This will only arrive tomorrow if the iPhone 6 also arrives.

Apple television set: The arrival of Apple branded television sets is a matter of when and not if, but the timing is anyone’s guess. WWDC is a developer conference, and if Apple is planning to encourage third party app development for its new TV sets, tomorrow might be the place to preview the new technology.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley