4.7 inch iPhone 6: features, display, release date, gigabytes, price

The looming iPhone 6 release date combined with the price cuts on the existing iPhone 5s have left consumers in a quandary: buy now at the discounted price, or wait for the bigger, better, faster iPhone 6 to arrive and buy it at full price? The solution to that question comes down to just what all the iPhone 6 will offer over the current iPhone 5S in terms of features, display size, gigabyte capacity, and other differences between the old and new iPhones. Here’s a look at the key iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S differences.

Speed: The iPhone 5S is powered by an A7 primary microprocessor and a secondary M7 coprocessor. In non-tech speak, that means it’s extremely fast for a smartphone. But the iPhone 6 is expected to graduate to the A8 chip, meaning it’ll be at least incrementally faster. That speed difference may not matter so much now in an iOS 7 world. But when the new iOS 8 system software debuts in the fall, the iPhone 6 should be able to do a masterful job of managing its most demanding new features, while the iPhone 5S and its A7/M8 will be something closer to adequate. So the speed difference isn’t about right now, so much as it is about what happens after the iPhone 6 release date comes and goes.

Display: The iPhone 6 should bring new models in 4.0 and 4.7 inch form factors. Due to the fact that displays are measured diagonally, 4.7 inches isn’t 17% larger as the numbers would suggest, but instead something closer to 25% or more larger. Whether the iPhone 6 release date is waiting for will depend on whether you plan to buy the bigger 4.7 inch model, or the 4.0 inch model that’ll be the same size as the iPhone 5S.

Features: Apple has managed to keep a tight lid on iPhone 6 hardware features. The best guesses are a belated but advanced implementation of near field NFC wireless technology, a thinner and lighter body with longer battery life, and a new hardware styling aimed at being less boxy like the iPhone 5S and more curvaceous. Here, the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S angle is difficult to size up until the new iPhone 6 features are known.

Capacity: After years of the iPhone being capped at 64GB of internal storage, the iPhone 6 is likely to finally make the jump to 128GB, as the high end of the iPad lineup has already done. This will be handy to those with large music collections, those who take a larger number of photos and videos, and those who have a hundred apps or more. For other users, the key takeaway here is that the bottom of the iPhone 6 lineup should jump from 16GB to 32GB accordingly.

iPhone 6 release date: The most compelling factor in whether to wait for the iPhone 6 or buy the iPhone 5S now is just how long the wait for the iPhone 6 will be. Apple generally launches its new mobile devices in the fall of each year, with an emphasis toward early September. So it’s fair to look for the iPhone 6 release date in the first half of September 2014, which means it’s at little as six weeks away.