iPhone 6 rumors, features, size and specs: six final thoughts

1. Apple is finally changing up the styling after the last few iPhone models looked mostly similar. It’s about time. But the new additions like HomeKit, HealthKit, CarPlay, etc are what will give the iPhone 6 a chance to be a special product. Most people will judge the new iPhone based on how cool they think it looks and other superficial factors. But it should rightly be judged on how well Apple does or doesn’t execute these promised new features.

2. The 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will sell like gangbusters. It’s precisely the size that non-iPhone users have been demanding, and if they’re true to their word, huge numbers of people will now switch to iPhone. If not, then it’ll be back to the drawing board for Tim Cook in the hopes of figuring out why certain segments of people just don’t seem to want an Apple product regardless of circumstances. These are, after all, some of the same people who claimed the only reason they used Android was because there wasn’t a $99 iPhone model, or that the iPhone 5 didn’t come in colors. Apple addressed both those complaints with the iPhone 5C, but it never did sell particularly well in comparison to the more expensive and less colorful iPhone 5S. Go Figure. The moral: people don’t always know what they want, particularly when it comes to tech products, even if they state it repeatedly and emphatically. Cook surely has his fingers crossed that those demanding a bigger iPhone screen really mean it.

3. I’m still not sure I believe the rumors of a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 option. Android vendors have unwittingly proven that massive sized phones are currently just a large niche, and Apple doesn’t typically do niches. I’m also confused as to why Apple would stop offering a 4.0 inch iPhone, which has proven to be overwhelmingly popular, in favor of a 5.5 iPhone where nothing is a given. But again, the 4.7 inch iPhone will be the biggest seller either way.

4. Apple will once again give the iOS 8 system software to existing iPhone users for free. Install it on an iPhone 5S and you’re golden. Install it on an older iPhone 5 or 4S and it’ll run fine, but because of the older slower hardware, many of the important new features will be left out. This will once again cause millions of users of older iPhones to mistakenly conclude that “Apple isn’t innovating anymore” without even bothering to check out the amazing things that the iPhone 6 will offer. Apple keeps making this mistake, in the name of trying to be nice to existing users instead of just shutting them out of the new iOS. Perhaps Apple will get smart this time, and not offer iOS 8 to anyone but iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users, thus motivating iPhone 5 and 4S users to go ahead and use their upgrade eligibility.

5. The iPhone 6 will be, unless Apple does something to screw it up, the most advanced and intuitive and useful piece of personal technology in the history of mankind. And a within a year or two, it’ll be made obsolete by something even more advanced and useful. We live in an amazing era.

6. I’m not sure it’ll be called iPhone 6. Apple has begun ditching numbers on its other products, and is in love with the word “Air.” Don’t be shocked if the iPhone 6 is actually called iPhone Air.